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W-MCP5-6.274a TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Carrie L. McQuesten
Oct 22 1863
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Plymouth, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

My dear Isaac,

I fear you have been looking anxiously some time for a letter from he "Granite Hills" but I have been so very very busy that to find time to write is a rare thing. You know, Isaac, a great many trials are given in this world to cultivate our patience, so perhaps this curiosity as to what my unusual busy is for--is one--for if you are patient you will find out in due time. Now isn't that definite and your eager curiosity fully allayed? I suppose to "heap coals of fire" on my cousin's head I should tell you the very day when I'm to be married in return for the many hours of steady teasing you have subjected me to--Don't you wish "Mrs. Dole" to ever you--or will Carrie McQuesten only be permitted to enter your domain? Poor I, will never taste your delicious pears and grapes--then if you visit--let me view--the wonders of your palatial home before I am married. If I were to accept your kind invitation by this Thanksgiving, I should be just the same as you left me, simply C. L. McQ.--if by Christmas you would have to address "Mrs. Dole."

Dear Isaac--as you grow older in years--don't grow older in the two often despicable characteristics of our "young America." Don't I beg of you, in my new formed relation of "sister" ever make acquaintance with fast horses and most of all [Tofaced?]--or the young ladies will not so far forget their bashful dignity as to salute young gentlemen unasked.

Your fishing companion while here--George--is sick, don't you wish you were here to minister to his intellect? I hear Calvin thinks of leaving Hanover before long--You never told me what the disagreement was between you and him even after you left here--"Please" tell me.

What do you do these long evenings? Studying hard probably. Don't forget to give a wee bit of time at least to a History of the "United States of America"--and find who of old fought the British Lions and conquered them. I think you must have had some highly interesting people--ministers especially--for Mary to meet Jim and Mary will prize the additions to her photographs. I hope to see a certain young lady whom I have heard so much about this winter in Boston. I shall ask her if she enjoys taking care of convalescent youth who have been so careless as to get shot.

Don't think dear cousin I shall ever forget you. I should like much to take a peep into your "sanctum" but much more to have a glimpse of your self. I have written you a much longer letter than you favour me with. I shall not tire of reading a dozen pages of your composition--but full sorry when they are through. Please write me a long returning even the fourth page.

Good night dear Isaac and pleasant dreams from you loving cousin,

Carrie [McQuesten]

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