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W-MCP5-6.274 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from his cousin Carrie L. McQuesten
Sep 29 1863
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Plymouth, New Hampshire, [U.S.A.]

My Dear Isaac,

I imagine you must be somewhat impatient as no reply to repeated remembrances. Do you think you are forgotten? If it had not been for a certain adjective applied to a most complimentary term you deigned to address me by in one of you recent letters, I should have soon become wedded to the belief that I was indeed "the most awful tease" to the most charming of cousins--But I rejoice with all my heart that your visit to other facets of the world led you to a true opinion of your cousin Carrie.

You know, Isaac, that while you were here we never said a word against your beloved countrymen for indeed I think they must be the most delightful of people, if you are a true representative. Now don't think, Ike, that I am trying to obtain a due return of what you may term the above--flattery--for I will always be content to remain only a "most delightful--tease." I received the photographs safely for which many thanks. I like them very much. I shall have mine taken the first of this winter, and you shall be first remembered.

I received your paper today. I paid due attention to the article marked. Ah! Jessie little thought what a life long impression she was carving on a human heart!

A week ago yesterday I fully resolved that not a day should go by before I wrote you but company kept me occupied all the week, so my first leisure moment for this pleasant duty has appeared this evening. I enjoy your letters so much. That you must not fail to continue in your path of well-doing, and write them promptly and long. Don't you like to look at the fourth page? How many times I've wished while sitting musing and extremely annoyed by the "tormenting flies" that Isaac was here to enjoy his customary amusement while of putting them out of the way.

You ask a question in your last--Now I always like to grant all the information possible--but you delight to make people curious so why can't I you? Perhaps you may succeed as I in ferreting out the answer. But you shall know soon enough. When you do do what you are to, let me know. I will just remind you of your ideas on the subject when you are sixteen. Don't I wish I were in Hamilton to enjoy your delicious fruits? You aggravating piece of humanity. [?] though I must fly right there when I think of it. Shall I have the pleasure of meeting you in Washington this winter? You know "it is not far," as you can easily take the trip. But I must bid you "good night" wishing you the pleasantest of dreams.

Ever most affc'ly your cousin

Carrie L. McQuesten

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