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W-MCP5-6.267 TO ESTIMATE RUTH ESTHER [BALDWIN] MCQUESTEN from her niece Jane [Bonnyman?] and her brother-in-law David Flanders
Mar 16 1845
To: Estimate Ruth Esther Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Canada West
From: Londonderry, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Dear Aunt,

When we parted at Antrim [N.H.], I little thought it would be nearly six months before I should write you a letter and the only excuse I can frame is that I have such an aversion to letter writing that I cannot think of sitting down to write a letter to anyone. But you know when I see my friends I can talk as fast as any one else. We received your letter of March 4 yesterday and we were right glad to hear from you as we always are. We think your dress is very pretty and conclude it must look very nice made in the manner you described and trimmed with such beautiful velvet taste [sic] as you sent us. Aunt Lucy says she will send you a pattern of some dresses we got in the Winter which I think is little nicer than anything I have seen this way, enough of this.

Joel Cobourn is talking of building an addition to his house this Spring and people are beginning to talk as he intended to take a wife to himself before long and I suppose he is thinking of so doing if he does not get the slip and I rather guess he will not. This [siege?] but I suppose you would like to know what kind lady it can be that has taken him in hand. I will tell you it is that same Harriet Flanders that he made some advances to a year ago. Aunt and I conclude that what you and Mary Ann said to Harriet while at Woburn made considerable impressions upon her for that Mr. Brown that was paying attention to her then never came to see her but once after you was there. Harriet came here on a visit last October and while she was here Joel came over to see her several times and then he went down to Mr. Hadly's in November and was gone Three or four days and met with very good success as far as I can learn. I rather guess Joel would not thank me for telling all I know about his affairs if he knew it.

Mrs. Brainard has a young son about six weeks old which they call Henry Faring. Mrs. Wilson, she that was Adaline Annis also has a son not quite a week old. Mrs. William Hunter has a young daughter two or three weeks old and a good many more that you do not know. William Fling was married last Fall and his wife has a son eight weeks old. William is a real lazy fellow he is here living on his sister nearly all of the time. Daniel was married last December to a Miss Patten of Bedford and went into the butchering business in Medford Mass., and remained there a few weeks, then sold out and came back to his wife's father's in Bedford where he is now. I do not know people are fearful he will not be very steady. Mrs. A's health is rather poor and has been for a number of weeks I do not know as anything in particular is the matter with her other than a general debility.

I received a letter from Cousin George Depler a few weeks since, he requested me to give his love to you when I wrote you. I have had one Sleigh ride this winter up as far as Concord was gone over night and called on Mary a few moments, she was very well, their Sister Harriet is at work in the Manchester Hills. I like very well to have her there for I can see her occasionally now.

Brother Milton was here the first of winter and made a visit of a number of stays in length while he was here. Uncle Isaac came and he went with him to Antrim and is now at work for Cousin James Boyd. Capt. Whites family are in usual health as well as the rest of our neighbours.

I will leave the rest of the sheet for Uncle and Aunt. Give my love to Uncle and say to him that we should be very happy to see him here whenever he can make it convenient and I do hope we shall see you both ere long it seems a long time since you left. Little Calvin too I should love to see him dearly, give my love to him and tell him when he gets so he can write to write me a letter and I will answer it with pleasure.

From your affectionate niece

Jane Bonnyman

Monday Morn. March 17th

Dear Sister I must attempt to finish what Jane has so far accomplished above not much news to relate I have written the second time for the [?] until I [?] but was thinking of writing that very day when yours was received. I do not see why it was not sent as I wrote to the publisher that I would send the money and the receipt on the first [?] but suppose that it has turned out for the best--Was called out last night about one o'clock to see Mrs. John Hanney who had a fit of Apoplexy--Had [?] [?] conscious when I left but very feeble.

Last week I performed the operation of amputating both feet on [Sar?] Bancroft--cause--freezing--They are healing well.

We are rejoiced that you are so happily situated with your excellent husband and his worthy connexions. Please give the assurance of my highest regards to him and to them. Tell Esq. Anderson's friends that they are in usual health. Mrs. A. has been rather feeble of late but is much better--The [?] my privilege continues till the first of July--so write away--do--Please accept this with the assurance that I'm as ever yours--Lucy's love to all

David Flanders

Mrs. E.R. McQuesten

[Written on envelope:] The Lord loveth a cheerful giver.

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