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W-MCP5-6.264 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his son Isaac Baldwin McQuesten
Apr 8 1869
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Toronto, Ontario

My dear Father,

I arrived at Toronto all safe after waiting about one hour for the train at the Hamilton Station. Had quite a pleasant chat on the car with Mr. Wood. I don't know when I've seen a man that I took a greater liking for than him. By the way he wished me to ask you--as he had quite forgotten to do so himself, and felt quite put out about it--if there were any expenses in connection with his daughter's illness and subsequent death, which he had not liquidated. He paid all the bills that he knew anything about; but thought that you might have been put to some expense. I told him that I was almost certain that everything was right. But he said he would feel obliged to me if I would just mention the matter to you, which I have accordingly done.

The days are flying away very fast; and examinations begin only a month from tomorrow. What a sense of relief it will be when I come out from my last paper. I used to think that it would be the last moment of anxiety; but as soon as I am through with, I will have the prospect of Law Examinations for the next three years. And when I get through with them, instead of being free from it, I suppose I will then just begin to know what anxiety really is, and it will go on increasing, increasing till when?

Dr. O. [Ormiston] told me while driving down to the station that Peter has had several offers for the horse Daniel. Now if he can be sold well, you had better let him go, and I for my part will agree not to get a horse till next Autumn, when they will be cheap and a good one can be obtained. He certainly is not a horse that it is a pleasure to drive. Besides he mars the symmetry of the whole McQuesten family, for there has never been another article around the place, man or beast that could not be fattened, so for your own happiness--for it must pain you to see his gaunt shadowy form stalking through the yard, and to gaze upon his fleshless ribs and sunken eye--I should decidedly prescribe the removal of Dan & Webster from before your eyes. Then there is another point I had almost forgotten. The mane must call up many harrowing reminiscences of the past. Think of the time when you had to toil hard to earn the money, which he, after whom your steed is named, so ruthlessly squandered. Why allow the hideous apparition to loom up constantly before your view?

They have been selling some of their cavalry horses here preparatory to leaving. Among them is one solitary horse--Balaklava by name--that was in the charge--Dr. Workman of the Asylum has bought him. The men say he will not live unless they have some one to blow the bugle calls for stables. Even now if they go out on a parade without him, he will kick everything about him to pieces.

I suppose my animal Toby is flourishing?

I have really no news to write about and don't feel very much in the humour anyway, as I am working pretty hard just now. If you have time I would be very glad to hear from you, as I get very few letters from Hamilton.

Joe Henderson took dinner with me last Sunday. He seems to like his situation here very well. Remember me to Mother and ask her to write me. With much love,

I remain

yrs sincerely

I.B. McQuesten

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