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W-MCP5-6.261 TO ISAAC BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from John Campbell
Oct 19 1871
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Toronto, Ontario

My dear McQuesten,

I must protest with many thanks against your laying us under such heavy obligations by your very acceptable presents. The people are highly delighted with the magnificent pears and the condition of the grapes quite belied your expectations. As Seymour remarked in contemplating a large [Ta?nelle?] c/o I. McQuesten Esq. Hamilton "what a good thing it is that it doesn't take two to make a pair."

I am very glad to hear that your father's health is mending. I think that he may have many years of health and happiness and I need not add of usefulness before him. I trust that he may find McColl all that he desires. There are some very good points about him and if he could cut loose entirely from things lawful but in this case not expedient, I think that he would be one of our most efficient ministers. I hope that he may have a stiff back-bone yet.

Prof. Young's appointment gives universal satisfaction and Dr. Nicholson seems also to be a good man. I am a kind of temporary professor in Knox College. Ancient History is my department.

By the bye do you know that I was not at the seating of the Clubs recently nor did I intend to go when I wrote to you. At one time I thought I might be useful by [?ing] that a Christian man may take part in things lawful, and in excusing same influence in keeping enjoyment within bounds of sobriety. But I found that the good done was a minimum, the evil risked a maximum and I cut loose from all carnival or Semi-comical meetings. I have likewise given up the pipe for some time and am under the club ban as an apostate. However I shall be very glad to take a whiff with you when we meet in Hamilton or here.

I wish you could be here to pay us a flying visit at least. I wish you might consider yourself far removed from the bond of ceremony and drop in upon us at any time with the full awareness of a hearty welcome. It is time you paid Toronto a visit even if you have no special business calling you. If you came I [?] [?] you the Campus Kaleidoscope--our newspaper in the heathen wilds, the number of subjects are edited by Prof. Young, the others by Howland, Vander,1 Lytton, myself et al. My father and others within Knox unite in kind remembrance and thanks. Please present my Christian and kindest regards to Mrs. McQuesten and the Doctor and believe me ever,

Yours very respectfully

John Campbell.

1 Vander Smissen or Vandersmissen is a professor at the University of Toronto.

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