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W-MCP5-6.248 TO ISAAC MCQUESTEN from H.J. MacDonald
Oct 3 1869
To: Isaac Baldwin McQuesten Messrs. Proudfoot & Jones, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Toronto, Ontario

Man of Sin,

Thy wicked wretched miserable, abominable irreligious, impious and blasphemous epistle came into my righteous hands in a state of perfect preservation and verily my soul did not rejoice in the contents thereof. How can you hope for salvation when you dare to insinuate that I, who am clearly one of the elect, would have to enter heaven by blowing the door open with gun powder, after the manner of yourself, who are always going about tormenting those that are adopting a proper course of life and conduct, forever thus did'st thou annoy this sweet youth sharp and alas that godly man [I.D. O'?]. Even while I read your letter my soul did burn on within me and I said I will arise gird up my loins and flee to the Tabernacle of the Lord and there I will call for vengeance on this trouble of Israel, but then I thought that even you might repent and be saved and so instead of invoking vengeance on your head I went and had a good jolly bog.

I am in Toronto at present only on a flying trip, having arrived this morning and intending to leave on Wednesday morning. I paid a visit to the building today and had a long chat with Gibson who is almost the only one of the old set there at present I am very glad to see that he intends to stick to the agreement he made with you about leaving off drinking and playing cards and billiards. He is beginning to regret that he swore off billiards as he says he has no amusement left, and he is rather afraid that he will get tired of studying.

I also saw Kingsford and C.R.W. Biggar, the latter of course informing me that he never was so glad in his life to see anyone before. Kingsford is Classical [Gent?] and has Goodwillis's rooms. They are to have a high time at the University on Monday as Prince Arthur is to visit the Institution on that day and there are to be speeches made, and old John McCaul is to have a chance to spread himself. I have just seen the Prince as he landed in Toronto. He seems a good natured looking fellow, what did you think of him? He is to present the Prizes won in the late Battalion [?] of the 10th Royals. I have been favoured with a ticket for the platform but do not know whether to go or not as I am in a doubt as to the way a fellow should dress. On Monday evening the citizens give a ball, on Tuesday the Prince goes out to Weston to turn the first sod of some railroad and in the evening he goes to a ball at D.L Macpherson's, he then leaves for Kingston where he will arrive just in time to get ready for another Ball, pretty hard work is it not?

Hoping to hear from you soon,

I remain, yours truly

H. J. Macdonald1

1 H.J. MacDonald appears to be a good friend of Isaac's from law school at the University of Toronto, see also W-MCP5-6.237. The two men were mutual friends with William Bickford who had also attended U. of T. (see W-MCP5-6.256).

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