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W-MCP3-5.078 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 26 1903 Monday morning
To: Thomas McQuesten 41 Isabella St., Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy

It seems a long time since I wrote you but you will understand how busy and upset we were last week. After Cal. had gone we had to try and overtake what we had let go in order to get him ready.

I have had another offer for the stable, but do not know what to do exactly. It came from David Gillis to Mr. C. [Chisholm]. He with Ralph Bruce and Geo. Shambrooke, sec. of the Jockey Club, have kept their horses in a stable downtown, and which has been kept by a man named Hamilton. They offer $10 a month which is very tempting, but this man up till last Spring was a heavy drinker and, of course is liable to break out again and I do not feel that I like that crowd at all. As it happens, Sutherland kept the lease I sent him & though I reminded him, never signed it or gave it to me to sign. So if I decide not to take these men, I will tell S. that I will give no lease at all, for $5.00 is altogether too little with the privilege (as he has insisted) of carrying off all the improvements when he leaves.

Mrs. Bell found her apples very disappointing, her spies like ours are very small, so she would not take any payment though I told her they were to be paid by fraternity. So I am sending the freight man for them this afternoon and will leave you to pay charges, so you explain & prepare "Thomas." She gave me a barrel of Baldwins.

We were all sorry to see the death of Mrs. Grant in Toronto yesterday. Mrs. Mullin was at St. Margaret's on Friday and heard she had been found insensitive in her bed and had not returned to consciousness. So sad the poor thing. One does not know what she had experienced and would not like to disturb anyone in a boarding house.

Sam Sarkishian was up preaching at the little Congregational Church West end, and told me when Cal.'s name was presented at Knox College society meeting, not a dissenting voice was heard. He was equally surprised as he had been prepared with a friend to speak up, for never before had they sent out a man who did not belong to Knox. So I want you when you can spare a little to give something to their missionary fund. I had intended speaking to you about trying to lay aside a little each month for the Lord's work, now that you are earning something yourself, and I think the Knox men deserve credit for trying to keep up a mission work, for most of them I fancy are not well off.

I was so relieved to hear of Dr. Carmichael being with Cal., for I did not know how C. would manage with his two valises. We have just lit our furnace, it was so mild, we did not need it before. Another note from Cal. written on Friday, had a comfortable berth & good sleep, were passing through the barren lands North of Lake Superior & busy pumping Dr. C. Had a note from an old servant, addressed to Maiden Lane, inquiring for Christie and Mary Smith. With much love.

Your mother,

M.B. McQuesten

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