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W-MCP3-5.075 TO THOMAS BAKER MCQUESTEN from Miss Isabel Elliot
Feb 25 1907 Friday Evening
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten 22 Grosvenor Street, Toronto, Ontario
From: [?]

[No salutation]

It seems perfectly horrid Timmy dear, to have you ill down in Grosvenor St. & so unget atable [sic]. Will you please, like a dear, see a doctor tomorrow? A very little dosing may make all the difference in the world to you, it will to me.

Billy G. is here in all the glory of his new frock coat--looking very grand. He is going to take us to church.

I shall put in a word for your recovery. You know "the prayers of the righteous"....... what? Eh? That wasn't pretty of you Honey.

At this moment I am supposed to be dressing my two feet & instead I am devoting myself to you, you poor sick child.

I shall call you up tomorrow & I shall be awfully disappointed if you don't tell me you have done what you could.

With all fond wishes dear old boy.


I. E. [Isabel Elliot]1

1 Miss Elliot is the young lady to whom Tom was rumoured to be engaged, however they did not marry. See W5868, W6012, and the other letters in her hand W-MCP3-5.076, W-MCP3-5.074, W-MCP3-5.077, W-MCP3-5.075.

Miss Elliott enclosed a photo of herself in W-MCP3-5.074. She is seated on the steps and is holding a dog, and on the reverse side of the photo are the words "Love me, love my dog," IMG232.

Another picture of Isabel Elliot (a similar likeness) appears in the yearbook of University of Toronto. She was in the Class of '05 and the yearbook states: "A countenance in which did meet,/Sweet records, promises so sweet."
"Although born in Brampton, Isabel Elliot graduated from the Parkdale Collegiate and entered the English and History Courses of '05. One of the sweetest and most charming of the many charming girls in the year, her unfailing sumpathy and evenness of disposition have made her deservedly popular, as may be seen from the fact that she has held office in the Class Executive, the Woman's Lit., and the Woman's Athletic Association. Isabel will have the best wishes of all her fellow students in whatever career she may elect to follow."

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