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W-MCP3-5.067 TO THE MCQUESTEN CHILDREN from their mother Mary Baker McQuesten
May 16 1906
To: McQuesten Children 'Whitehern' Jackson St. W., Hamilton, Ontario
From: 372 Assinaboine Ave Winnipeg, Manitoba

My dearest children,

This is Wednesday evening, and as it is the public meeting, I am just taking a rest so as to feel fresh for to-morrow. We are really having a very grand time. Monday evening there was the reception by all the churches in St. Andrew's, Mr. McMillan's church. First of all music and addresses by Rev. Chas. Gordon and Mr. McMillan. Mr. McMillan was most droll and comical; then we were asked to the basement for refreshments, strawberries and ice-cream, cakes of all kinds salted almonds, chocolates, tea, coffee, lemonade, provided by a caterer, the 14 churches of Winnipeg joined together. The crowd was tremendous and it was rather late when we came home. However, I have been keeping up well.

Only it turned in yesterday very warm and we were all just melting ever since. Well, the next morning Tuesday Mrs. Bryce took two ladies and myself all round the city for a lovely drive and we visited the College. It had just rained night before so there was no dust and a most beautiful morning. Our meeting began in the afternoon, then we were all invited to tea at Hon. Colin Campbell. There was a great crowd but I met a great many ladies all very pleasant and kind. Mrs. Campbell, very cordial and invited me to stay with her from Friday till Monday and Mrs. Gregory too. I also met Lady McMillan there, Lady Schultz and Mrs. Aikins. Lady Schultz is a most agreeable little lady and saw that I had refreshments, and a little Miss Smith of Dundas, Mrs. Wardrope's cousin, who stayed at Mrs. Campbell's, one of six guests, was very anxious to show me the house as her nephew was the architect. Mrs. McGillivray of Kingston was there too and she is very nice indeed but heart-broken over her daughter's death, it was all very sad, will tell you particulars again. Mr. Campbell was very agreeable too, comes from Burlington. It will be really very nice to stay there for a couple of days. Scarcely know what to do then, have not yet decided.

Well to go back, Tuesday evening was our conference evening and we had a very satisfactory time. To-day we had all the reports of the various secretaries, most interesting and greetings from the Sister Societies and all these addresses were remarkably fine, so bright and good and fine in spirit. A Mrs. Donald spoke for the Occidental Missionary Society, which was to hold its annual meeting in San Francisco on the day of the earth quake. Nevertheless, they met at Oaklands, though some of them had nothing left but clothes on their backs. This afternoon had a very fine address from Mrs. Griffith of Honan; there were a number of the North-West missionaries on the platform and amongst others a Dr. Gilbart and his wife, a young couple from the Rolling River, who knew Calvin well. Dr. G. was one of those camped with Cal. at Kew Beach.

After the meeting went to a reception at Government house, which of course was very pleasant. Lady MacMillan is very kind indeed but somewhat stiff, that is not easy. Mrs. Bryce brought Mrs. Gilbart home to tea with us and they started off to the meeting. Just before they started, a torrent of rain poured down, so we hope it is the clearing off shower and will be cooler to-morrow. Well, I must close, Mrs. Gregory did not think M. would care for place where she was. Hope the poor orphans are keeping well. With fondest love to all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Send this to Ruby or Edna & let them send it on to Tom. Writing very bad, but am very sleepy.

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