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The Nosse family (Ruby's friends in Ottawa)W-MCP3-5.035 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his sister, Ruby
Oct 24 1905 [Postmark, 24th] Monday evening , 23rd.
To: Thomas McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dear old Tim [Tom]:

Your fine little postal came, I am ashamed to think how long ago. I am so glad to have it. It is so good of you.--such a comical, sweet expression about your mouth,--as you stand there in your wet weather clothes (aren't they?). It will be nice always to have it. I've been going to write to you ever since it came but alas for the "put-it-off."

This news about Ted [Edna] has kept me waiting always to hear and I haven't settled down to some things I should have. But I'm thankful that reports seem good and I trust that by Thanksgiving there will be something so good that we can't help but feel very thankful.1

You and Cal will be going home I suppose to cheer up the family. Have your "whoops" finally left you? Now, don't let the family make an end of you by too much feasting! We don't want that little epitaph about that one "Who fell beneath the table. But once o'er fed he dropped down dead."

I'm to go to Dr. Armstrong's for dinner & then Robinson's for tea & I'll have to take care too, for what a mournful ending for a teacher of classics.

A week ago Sat. we went to the Nosse's for the afternoon & had tea. The small girls feel quite proud to think they are "old" girls now and told their father that there were only 16 girls who knew the rules, all the rest were new like they were last year. They have actually summed up courage to hold up their hands & lead the line out for the walk--and in the drill they bob to the right or left when the order is given as quick as any of the others & they actually keep step when walking with one, even Tsukie the smallest one steps out bravely. It is quite comical. Did I tell you I have a photo of them all--a group taken at the Niagara Falls. Why, of course, you saw it didn't you.3 I'm getting mixed. These days have seemed so long. It seems ages since you were here.

We had Prof. Dyde of Queens & Prof. Gordon here last Monday. They were to inspect classes but they didn't appear in mine.

And I suppose now you're busy as ever. Wasn't it fine of your firm to pay you $5 a week. It will be such a help. And after giving you that nice little bonus too.2

Well, old chap, I hope now you'll keep well and have no more colds. I hope you've really changed your place for meals. Take care of yourself & drop me a line very soon.

With much love.


1 Edna suffers from mental illness and recently had "hysterics" and a breakdown, see W5406. See also Edna's biographical sketch by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then on her photo.

2 This likely refers to the fact that Tom earned some money while at the lumber camp in the summer and fall, see W5410, W5199.

3 The Nosse photograph appears at the top of this letter. For more on the Nosse Family, see W5392.

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