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W-MCP3-5.021 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 17 1904 St. Patrick's Day
To: Thomas McQuesten 41 Isabella St. Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest boy,

As usual we are going along, we always seem to be busy but not much to relate. On Saturday we had Mrs. Bell and Florrie and Mrs. Dr. Shaw for tea. Mrs. B. is simply distracted about Herbie. He has had grip! And his nerves seem to be so unstrung that one would think his brain might give way, the doctor had forbidden him studying and he had gone to New York over Sunday to see Andrew Stevens and Charlie Locke. Charlie is in an Asylum at Manhattan, has 12 women patients under his care, they are receiving heroic treatments; do not know of what kind. It is a most distressing case-Charlie Bell is to be married in October, though he has not a cent to furnish a house with. His future mother-in-law has made him insure his life also, and he strikes one as a hunted creature.

Well, dearie, I hope you will not study too hard, it is a fearful thing to keep up one's health; all the prizes in the world do not compensate. It certainly brings things very near when date of examination is set. I see by to-day's news that Dr. Parkin is on his way out to superintend the work here and in U.S. By this time you will have seen Dr. F. heard he was planning to take you & Hugh to lunch; if his good word would win you the Scholarship you would certainly have it. But you must just keep up your courage and do as well as you can, and if it is best for you to get it, you will. Be sure and get a coach if you need one for any of the subjects. I can find the money, make things as easy for yourself as you can. I am just enclosing a dollar bill as you may need a little change and will send you more at end of next week. You said $2.00 for your board, but that does not give you any pocket money.

Went to hear John Pringle of the [?] last Sabbath. Look out if he is in Toronto, he is such a fine fellow and most interesting. Last evening we had Mr. Best of the Y.M.C.A. and Willie James for tea. Mr. Best is really a fine chap and has worked up the Association to make [?] just crowds of young men seem to attend. I found out that no one ever bothers to ask him to their homes for a meal. Just like people now to-day. If he would dance & play cards he would be overrun with invitations. I took to him first when I head him tell about his experiences in S. Africa.

Did you see in the paper that my old friend Mr. Woodhouse had died very suddenly. He was at Henderson's Publishing House, just speaking to a clerk about subscriptions for a church when he dropped dead. In his 76th year. Heard from Mrs. [Leila] Senkler to-day. Mrs. M. [MacKay] has been very bad, and is growing weaker all the time. We hear they have bought a house on St. George St.

I suppose we shall not see you at all at Easter. You will be too busy. It is well, I should think to have the one examination over a month before your finals. Mary's birthday is on Sabbath, so if you write her a note, you need not trouble to write me. I was glad to hear that some people had been entertaining you, it makes a little variety and is a pleasant change. Did not know Ross Robertson had a brother. With fondest love and warmest prayers that you may be blessed and strengthened.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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