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W-MCP3-5.008 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 24 1904
To: Thomas McQuesten [41 Isabella St., Toronto, Ontario]
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest boy,

Yesterday Dr. F. [Fletcher] came in to tell me about what he had done in Toronto. He was greatly delighted with his visit to your Chapter House, seemed quite impressed with the way things were conducted, the young men behaved with such respect to each other. (Ha! Ha! Naturally they would in the presence of the moderator). The dinner was a very fine dinner and so well served and everything so well served [sic] and clean. At Hugh's house they have two young men who take it in turns to have a Bible Class for 3/4 hour every Sabbath morning. So the doctor is quite pleased with the fraternities.

Then he told me of his conversation with you. Of course the good doctor is only too glad to help you in any way and is fully sensible of his right as the Moderator. I should think there would be no doubt of Father Teefy [sp.?], he was such a friend of mine particularly. If it were proper, I would not hesitate to write. I do hope the Council men will not be swayed to give it to a Toronto man, that would be a miserable thing and I can hardly believe it. I wish I had the names of the Council. I might be able to suggest. How do you find the work to be gone over? Is it very heavy? As I told you before, do not spare the money, if you want a coach for anything. It will be a hard job for you, poor fellow! I just wish I could help you. But we will just remember that God is with us and He will decide what is best for us. I am putting it all in his hands1.

Try to put it out of your mind as much as possible on the Sabbath, for two reasons, because it is a day for God's Service and for our own rest. You will be able to hear Spear next Sabbath, if you were not so busy it would be worth your while to hear him Saturday night, he ought to be at his best for the Student Volunteers.

Did you hear of Gordon Gibson having to go to Gravenhurst? I forgot to mention it before it was some time ago, but we hear he is much better. Hilda heard yesterday that Feather [sic] Aylesworth was engaged to Gladys Burton having broken a previous engagement. I should judge each needed one of stronger character.

Cal. is much encouraged with his work, he has in his parish the largest ranch, the Cochrane Ranch of 60,000 acres and 15,000 cattle. Her had not gone to the [?] for the hot-water heaters had been burst and I suppose it was not occupied. In his meeting the Sunday before, he had Van Cleave, the most noted broncho rider of the country, who does marvelous feats with wild horses and can lasso a steer, wind it up and lay it on its back in 32 seconds. Cal. had 27 at the morning and 35 at afternoon meeting and seems quite comfortable where he is.

We are expecting Winnie Gartshore at Easter. If you think it would be a rest and change to come up for Easter Sunday, why just come. I am going down now to get P.O. order if I can to Yorkville, and mean to send you $25 for I do not believe when you asked for the $20 that you were allowing yourself any pocket money at all. You did not tell me how much you would get from the Varsity. You will get something will you not? I asked you before if I should settle for your coat. You did not answer me. Do not be afraid to tell, you have always done all you could to help yourself and you cannot help this change of plans.

Some time ago I wrote in confidence to Mr. Vander [Vander Smissen] to inquire if Rhodes exams had to be crowded in before May, and he wrote at once explaining it was set by Rhodes Trustees, but if one could have written a warmer-hearted kinder letter and said so many fine encouraging things about you, I could have hugged him.

Jo-Jo is in the Highlanders! Think of that. They are to appear in their full uniforms on 24th May. If there is anything you want let me know or wish to send up. Harry Whittemore spoke of coming up on Good Friday and we could send anything down by him or Winnie Gartshore. Glad to hear from the doctor you were looking well. With fondest love, my dear dear son.

Your loving mother,

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Am sending Times with Highland Costume. Prof. Galbraith was a great friend of your father's, you might speak to him. Have seen list at Mr. Chisholm's. Adam Wingerl [sp.?] is another special friend and Oldwright. Shall I get Mrs. Mullin to write to Dr. Keene? [sp.?], they are intimate friends.

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