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W-MCP2-4.094 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN, ESQ. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 29 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Stand-Off, near Macleod, Alberta
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

This is Tuesday and your letter has not arrived yet, but we read of great snow blockades in the North-West so perhaps it is detained, but am afraid to put off sending my letter, for fear it should not reach you in time. It occurred me last night in bed to ask, if we were sending a telegram to you what would be the best way, for I suppose the nearest office is Macleod. Would they charge you extra to send it out? I think it wise for us to know this.

Last Sabbath I went over to Central Church to hear Mr. McKay of Crescent St. Church. Mrs. Lyle gave me the Anniversary Announcement to send you. Some people I am sure would think it quote a fine sermon. The subject was a fine one, "Shining so as to Glorify God," and he used many illustrations, but somehow to me they were laboured and there was a lack of gospel truth, so very little, if any Scripture, and every day, I find the most satisfying sermons to me are those, where the minister teaches by reference from one passage or another. One thing against my enjoyment were the lengthy performances of the choir, the organ makes such a noise, Mr. McKay made an immensely long prayer, so that it was 12 o'clock before he began his sermon. Mrs. Lyle did not know why God Save the King was sung, she said the minister selected the hymns. Leckie has resigned.

Ruby has sent me two books; (she had been using one for Bible Study) they are published by International Committee of Y.M.C.A. One is "A Harmony of the Gospels for Analytical Study, An Analytical Synopsis of the Four Gospels in the Version of 1881" by Wm. A. Stevens & E. D. W. Burton. The four gospels are in parallel columns with a nice map with leading events at the end. The other book is "Studies in the Life of Christ based on the Harmony" by H.B. Sharman. If you thought they would be of use to you I might send them on. They are not much use to me, as they are evidently for students, and are bound in heavy grey paper.

Yesterday Hilda and I were at a small "Tea" at Mrs. Thomson's and this evening I am to take tea with Annie Park. She is preparing to go over to see Hessie Snow this Spring. She had a great misfortune with her house. While Maddine [sic] Bell was away in the old country she had closed her house and gone to stay with Mr. Bell, but intended going back to her own. We had a very cold snap suddenly in October, before she thought it necessary to light furnace, as M. did not return till November & when she went up to the house, she discovered every heater in the house burst, ice frozen solid in the pipes, and every one had to be taken out, and her bill has come in for $1137. Wasn't that a terrible experience? Is that what happened to house on Cochrane Ranch? I do not remember your telling me of being there. Isn't it incredible to think of 60,000 acres, and all those cattle? It is very interesting to have that broncho rider in your meeting.

The last announcement about the Rhodes Scholarship is that there is to be no examination, for their standing at Varsity will be sufficient. But in Tom's letter Saturday he did not mention this but thought his prospects bright from some confidential information. I myself am perfectly demoralized, though I try my utmost to be calm and not think about it, I get so nervous sometimes with the suspense, that I do not know what to do. I do not like to think of his being disappointed, people are continually speaking to me about it, which makes it worse. Did I tell you May Stevens has a baby boy? Greatly to the delight of his grand-mother Sutherland who always inquires particularly for you as being one of her favourite boys.

Grace Rioch is preparing to be married in the Summer. Poor Hilda thinks she will soon have no friends at all. I hope you receive the News; I have sent every one. Cannot think of anything more to say. We expect Winnie Gartshore for Easter. Edna is greatly elated, for she thinks so much of her. We do expect Tom. Harry Whittemore & Florrie talked of coming good Friday but are not. For which, I am thankful as we are very busy. Heave you a doctor anywhere, near if you needed? Glad to think you are well. With best love from all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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