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[no address, but somewhere in Europe]

W-MCP2-4.082d TO HILDA B. MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 22 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten
From: The Manse Bracebridge, Ontario

My dearest Hilda,1

Was so delighted to find such a bunch of letters from you awaiting me, when I arrived here last evening. When I read them can scarcely believe it is one of my family that is seeing Venice, and Florence, Rome and Naples. To think of you seeing the pope, really it is a splendid trip and quite worth the money. The photo is just beautiful, so lifelike and so pretty. I hope you have more than one, you look as if you were thoroughly enjoying yourself. So glad you have got some hats.

I wonder if Mattie's letter to you has connected you with Miss McLean, she had written Mattie she would go any place to meet you, and Mattie thought she could do more for you than Miss W. I left poor Tomty in the care of Alice, she nearly trotted her legs off, looking after me. She says she can do the tomatoes and peaches herself, quite accustomed to doing them. When I came here found Mary had been doing heroic service getting the house in order, every carpet had been up, Beggs had beaten them and Mrs. B. and M. got them down. Curtains were up and toilet covers washed and the things were dirty. Nothing has been scratched or spoiled or broken except one small platter which we brought up. Calvin had to go away to-day to give the communion up at Lake Joseph Church and we are to have Mr. McKerracker with us.

Before we reached Gravenhurst we met the smoke and saw the fires. They were afraid the cottages at Gull Lake would be burned up and then the town, so they all turned out and for 48 hrs. fought the fires. Well the Lake Muskoka was thick with smoke and when I got here they had scarcely been able to sleep at nights for the smell of the smoke and it kept me awake last night. Last night the farmers all round had given up, worn out, when this morning came a down pour of rain which lasted several hours but they have had no rain for three months; the trees as you come along are all brown and look dead.

E. has been very active, this morning she cleaned the two goblets and two plates for Cal. to take up to Lake Joseph. The church here are giving them, as they have the individual cups. E. was much pleased with card from Naples very funny about the cows. Your card to Marnie, I reposted. Miss Burrows came up on the train with me, so I treated her to a good dinner and she regaled me with gossip. E. is suffering deeply because she forgot when writing you to England not to put a 5 ct. stamp. Tremendous loss! It is really very nice to be here, I like this little house so much. I suppose you cannot tell yet just what you will see in Scotland. I should think Glasgow could not be far from Edinboro. With a great deal of love, my dear dear child.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Note: four letters (W-MCP2-4.082a, W-MCP2-4.082b, W-MCP2-4.082c, W-MCP2-4.082d) are all listed on microfilm as MCP2-4.82 and are catalogued in order by date.

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