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[no address, but somewhere in Europe]

W-MCP2-4.082c TO HILDA B. MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 15 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Hilda,1

As I am taking a rest I am using a pencil. Mary and Edna started off for Bracebridge to-day. I was to have gone, but yesterday afternoon I went with Mary & Marian Glassco to the Review at the Jockey Club. It was lovely & cool at the beginning of the week, but yesterday it turned fearfully hot and as we started right after my dinner in the heat, it was too much for me & I found myself getting so sick, that I just had to come home. I had a regular bilious attack dreadfully sick but I am alright this morning, only I didn't feel like starting out on that long ride to B.B.

Such a week as this has been the Centennial began on Sunday, bands have been playing ever since, the decorations and illuminations were magnificent. Think of electric lights in all the trees at Dundurn and public parks, besides the private houses. It cost the Husband's $100. Every party of home comers was met by a band which played "Home Sweet Home." Tuesday morning procession of Old Boys. We invited Mrs. Mullin, Nellie Florrie Burton & Gerald, Mattie and Gracie Roy & Tim Dand[?] up to our flats on Kings St. That afternoon Jack Stevenson appeared, Tom had invited him & he thought we were all at Bracebridge, so he stayed all yesterday. After his kindness to Ruby I was pleased to entertain him but it made [?] for meals.

Then Wednesday at night Tom took a carriage to see the illuminations in the avenues and up to Dundurn to see Fire Works. We thought we could drive past Dundurn, no carriage allowed in down [?] the shore, for the fireworks [sic] were on barges in the Bay, but you couldn't get past the solid mass of vehicles, autos by the score, so when we reached Harvey Park we got out and found a very good place. We just sat on the ground, most beautiful sight. These fireworks are marvellous, coming home we had to wait half an hour before our carriage could move, but it was most interesting to watch the crowds, 100,000 people were said to be there. There were parades every day, but we were too busy packing up to go out to see them. The noise has been terrific, and girls & lads with a little feather duster tickling everyone under the chin & throwing confetti. Tuesday night Mattie came for us to go with them around to see illuminations. [?] us very much he scarcely [?] [?] walks very slowly along.

Your card to Marnie from Venice came this morning, but she is gone, we are so glad to have Alice. She is very busy getting her kitchen in order. I am not sorry to have a day or two rest by myself here. The law offices close every afternoon & yesterday was Civic Holiday, so Tom went round with Jack. Mr. Dalley died on Tuesday, heart rouble.

We have had a very dry season, but Saturday night came a great down pour, but Tom said there was none at Bracebridge, there has been no rain for weeks, and terrible fires North. Tom stayed there from Wednesday to Monday and enjoyed it very much. Dr. McGibbon with him in his auto, Harry Bridgton in his launch & then they took afternoon boat. So they had quite a pleasant time. Did I tell you Gertrude Carey's engagement was broken off? Have heard no particulars. I often think I miss the mails by not knowing just when they go. This is all at present. Cal. sent down any letters or cards you sent to Bracebridge. Take care of yourself. Glad all your callers speak of you keeping well. With much love dearie.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] One evening just opposite Drewny's a man was ground to pieces by T.H.&B.

1 Note: four letters (W-MCP2-4.082a, W-MCP2-4.082b, W-MCP2-4.082c, W-MCP2-4.082d) are all listed on microfilm as MCP2-4.82 and are catalogued in order by date.

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