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W-MCP2-4.082b TO HILDA B. MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 8 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Hilda,1

You see we are not yet at Bracebridge, for we thought it would be such a pity to miss all the doings of the Centennial next week; but Cal. has sent on your cards. The last one is from Dresden. It is never ceasing gratification to me to think you are seeing so many places of which we have heard so often.

Mrs. Mullin has returned and we are expecting her for dinner in a few minutes, Janie is at home with her sick mother, Nellie is keeping house at Laziers. Mrs. M. came home so well and in high spirits. Too bad to have no girl to start with. Our Marnie goes this evening (Friday) and we expect Alice on Monday.

Tom went on Wed. morning to Bracebridge just to get a few days of rest before next week. I was sorry and he was, just to have to go then, for that day was the time this party of distinguished geologists was to be received and entertained at luncheon at the Royal Hotel. Tom was to [have] been on the Reception Com. and Mrs. Calder asked Mary also to be on Com. Then on Wed. morning she telephoned & asked me. So I thought I would go, do not often get chance. It was very nice. Met some interesting people and quite enjoyed it.

On Monday we were invited down to Mrs. Bell's to meet Florrie and yesterday she and Gerald came to take tea with us he is a dear little boy. Edna thoroughly approves of him. We walked down to King St. with them. The decorations are beautiful. I wish you could see them. Those standard lights have each got a large red & gold crown covering the top globe and four small flags of different design, stand out around the crown. Just wonderfully fine. The English gentleman from London who sat beside me at Luncheon said he had seen a great many fine city decorations, but he had never seen anything so fine as those crowns. Mrs. Husband is putting up Chinese lanterns, but we are not going to attempt it, our flag will have to be sufficient. Lorna Culham has a son, Mrs. C. says "he is a regular Slater, but as he is a boy it does not matter so much."

Mary has been getting her dresses washed, the old rose is very nice, but the one trimmed with blue satine was a great disappointment. The satine ran badly and turned yellow in spots, 85 cts. a yd. too, so we had to take it out and get some other material and make a new front, it had run into the dress so badly. Mary worked hard and has got it all done now. Her white voile is invaluable. She got a fine broad white hat at Finch's for 98 cts. a 2.50 one to replace her other which the cleaning store completely finished. I also got a nice little black one, just what I wanted for driving at Bracebridge and put on it that dark Dresden I had on a hat. Looks awfully well.

Tom and Innes D. both at home. Mattie wears a fine Panama trimmed with white satin. Very grand person she is. Jean Maclaren troubled with her back thinks she will go to Elmira. If you see any thing which would be pretty on table for Mayonnaise dressing get it. Sorry you will have left Dresden before this reaches you. And Edna needs something for a silk waist in old rose to go with her suit a soft silk. This would go with her new hat she has got which are shade of pink poppies. Florrie bell says she wears the Viyella flannel it washes beautifully but over here it is so dear 60 cts. a yard. You might see it cheaper if you happened to be shopping in London. For a warm waist E. has set her heart on a red flannel. I do not know if you could see that, but we ought to get it here.

Mary has just been so busy with every thing she is sorry not to have written. At Chippawa she & Marian were going all the time, it was a very hot time too & only ten days. When Marian came home, and her mother up in Muskoka, found Dot had a baby in the hospital and as she was not getting on well, they had to take the baby home. She is doing better, but cannot nurse the baby. Fortunately Mrs. Izzard comes in & helps them. Baby crying most of the time. Well, dearie, must close, glad to know you are keeping well. Hope you will not be melted in Italy. Love & Kisses.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Note: four letters (W-MCP2-4.082a, W-MCP2-4.082b, W-MCP2-4.082c, W-MCP2-4.082d) are all listed on microfilm as MCP2-4.82 and are catalogued in order by date.

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