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c/o Miss Withrow 1
c/o Thos. Cook & Son

W-MCP2-4.082a TO MISS HILDA B. MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 2 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten Interlaken, Switzerland
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest child,2

Your letters are a wonder to your friends and come so regularly. This is Saturday night and by Monday ours will come again, but we received this week the one from Weisbaden and two from Berlin. It is a fine thing for you to have seen Potsdam, have always heard so much about it. Lizzie Chisholm had not seen it. One evening E. and I, we had not been out all day, started intending to go to Dundurn but found out it was a Band night and such crowds going, that we took the Incline and dropped in to see Lizzie Chisholm, had seen James going down on the car. She was much interested to hear all.

Met Mrs. Murton yesterday and she had sent Mary five pounds to help her to go on little jaunts with you. I told her you had spoken of having seen all you could take in for the present, but I would leave it to you to do as you thought best. She thought Mary knew how to do things at a much cheaper rate. But I never found much pleasure in the cheap, but it would be nice to see Oxford.

Last night Mary came home from Chippawa much pleased that she weighs 130 lbs., more than she ever did. It is quite a treat to see her looking so well. We have had a warm week but E. is standing it very well. Sorry not to get up to Bracebridge but I must wait tell Marnie goes and Alice comes on the 8th which is next Friday. Then the Centennial comes the next week. If weather should continue hot we cannot wait for it. Dot Gibson has a little boy, now Olga Wigle too. Poor Lorna is still waiting and now all her family waits too, had planned to go to White Mts. this month. Mattie is going to Dr. Chambers now, so Jean Maclaren went with her one day and the two went trailing round the stores, returning wrecks, going by 8 a.m. and coming back by 7 p.m.

Tom has gone up to the Colquhoun's to-night, we have not seen Emily at all. It has been too warm to do any thing. We hear that Gertrude Carey's engagement is broken off, but no particulars. Mrs. Mullin is to be home to-morrow. Mr. Byers appeared on Monday in time for tea, was going back to Toronto by boat. To-day we had a call from Mary Copeland, her husband and his sister. They were motoring from Kingston to London. They were laughing about Nellie James, when McFarlane called on Mrs. James, Nellie didn't know him.

Edna is amazed at her forgetfulness. Next week the members of Geological Society are coming to Hamilton. Mary and Tom are on the Reception Committee, some of the ladies are coming too. One party comes on the Wednesday, another on the Friday. Then on Centennial Week, Thomas and Old Gordon, think of him, are to meet the men in the City Motors and give the welcoming speech to the visiting delegates. Great crowds coming. The procession ought to be great fun, wish you were here. Mattie expects Tom and James. 3500 from Toronto. Sir John Gibson & Byron Walker on committee. Hope weather will get cool.

Wish you were not being rushed along so fast, you must long to have a little more time. Well, I must close. Glad you are keeping well. You are doing nobly. Take care of yourself dearie. With love & kisses.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Tom has been eating lightly declares he feels much better. He has lost several pounds but looks so well.

1 The brochure for Hilda's European tour can be found at Box 03-295

2 Note: Four letters (W-MCP2-4.082a, W-MCP2-4.082b, W-MCP2-4.082c and W-MCP2-4.082d) are all listed on microfilm as MCP2-4.82 and are catalogued in order by date.

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