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The Nosse family (Ruby's friends in Ottawa)W-MCP2-4.080 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Nov 25 1904 Friday afternoon [Postmark]
To: Thomas B. McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: [Ottawa Ladies' College]

My dearest Tim [Tom],

Your last letter was a great treat--it was most comical and cheered me mightily even tho' telling of the slaughter of old men and infants. Poor small boys! You hard-hearted wretch--you'd think you were an octogenarian yourself with a long white appendage! Wait 'til Xmas & you'll be a small boy yourself carrying home a candy walking cane.

Mama was telling me you have found an old friend to take Cal's room. That is nice. I don't like to think of you being alone in a strange land as it were.

I had meant to have written before this but it must have been because letters were going in other directions--namely to Renfrew's to see when my furs were coming back which had been sent to be repaired in June. However they have arrived and I'll be pretty sharp now for my fox fur muff is mended at the back with lynx fur. So I'm a foxy lynx. Isn't that a combination!

It is Friday evening & I hear the voice of our little Japanese friend Mr. Nosse in the hall. He has come up for a lecture we're having & to see his little girls & I hear him talking away to the girls in the hall. I told you I'd tell you more about our evening there didn't I? Well I think I'll have to tell you about it at Xmas. It is hard to describe tho' very interesting--for the house was lovely with Japanese embroidered satin curtains & drapes. We were waited on by his Jap servant & three little girls & in the evening were amused with music? by phonograph. And Mr. Nosse & his little daughters sang their Japanese national anthem & a few other songs.1

Well to-night we are to have a lecture on color by Dr. Sinclair. You remember when he was head-master of the Central. He is in the Normal School here now.

We had our first snow-storm yesterday and I fancy the snow is here to stay. It has been very slippery--various people have plumped down--Miss Gallaher on behalf of the staff took a seat and from her size I fancy with dignity and weight.

Some visitors have come into my room now so must close. Hoping you are well, with ever so much love.


1 The Nosses are Ruby's Japanese friends and their three daughters are in the school. See W5392 and IMG156

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