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W-MCP2-4.077 TO MISS HILDA MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Jul 16 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten
From: Chippawa, Ontario

My dearest Hilda,

Yesterday was a glad day, we received your three letters, read and sent on by Tom and we are now posting them on to Cal. at Cap a l'Aigle. They are splendid letters you should do finely for a newspaper correspondent. We can see the whole scene before us. It was very unfortunate to have such an uncomfortable passage but we cannot be too thankful that you arrived safely and wasn't it delightful to have a friend to meet you. Do not feel the least regret that we are not with you. I'm enjoying myself here, so does Edna and her turn will come. Think of the years in which you have never had a holiday and you have done for your family more than money can repay. As to the trip I think Ireland and Scotland, I cannot decide for you. I do not know how you would feel when you returned from the Continent. You might enjoy more to rest a little in London and see more of it with Mary Taylor, and I would not like you to lose anything for the sake of a little more money. One never knows what may happen, and it might be a long time before you got over again. How could I send more money if you need it? I really do not feel that Ireland is very important it would not matter it seems to me if you did not see that this time and yet trying to get over too much ground you would see nothing well. That is why I rather favour the staying in London with Mary and if you could see Edinboro and the Trossachs1 that might not [?] so much and I do not think takes much time.

I hope you are receiving my letters. I have written to each address. We have been having quite cool weather, but to-day is lovely and E. is in the hammock and M. and I sitting beside her. We are glad when it is warm enough to be outside. The Grocers' Picnic is at the Falls and nearly all the village has gone too. Tom wrote me that Mrs. bell and Florrie had arrived. F. very well but Mrs. Bell ill all the passage. We are expecting Marian G. next Monday. We have been here two weeks, seems like a month, as E. was not fit to go about, but now we are expecting to take some trips. All join in much love and hoping nothing will occur to mar your pleasures. Love & Kisses.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

1 Trossachs, a valley in Perthshire, central Scotland, scene of Scott's "Lady of the Lake."

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