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W-MCP2-4.074 TO MISS HILDA MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 25 1913 Saturday [approximate date]
To: Hilda McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Hilda, So pleased to receive your letter and Edna's this morning. You must have been busy every minute I should say you had recovered your pristine vigour. Fortunately you recovered the sheets in time to send back Mrs. H. Be sure and let Mrs. Beggs know they are found. You may as well leave the quilts. It is such a kind Providence that raised up Mrs. Henry, so we can leave things with peace of mind. Mary is off this morning to the Battle Field, the Wentworth Historical having Celebration, Sir John's lady to be there. Mary took a fine bunch of our Salvias and larkspur. The taupe hat with new feather is lovely, and her mauve dress.

Honey has just come 11 cts a lb. Mrs. Moffat has been in too with butter, eggs, and fine chicken, cheaper than R.'s. So glad it had cleared up bright this morning. It is too bad poor Edna is limited in time and you cannot stay for Temple of Fame. It would be so much better if you could come together. Would E. like Nellie James to come down to station to see her. Your train gets in a few minutes before three, the trains for Hamilton leave at 4:32 and 4:40 both fast trains. The 5:20 is a dreadful train but one about six is alright. Nellie and she could have a talk for an hour and a half and take the 4:40 as I did. If you are tired do not trouble touring up to Eaton's about gas-fixture for my room, but if you do, do not get a cheap kind, Tom says they do not work well.

Last night Mary and I and Tom went down to farewell Mrs. Bell and Florrie. Florrie and Gerald look much better. Mr. Bell so delighted with Gerald, too bad they live so far away. Gertie A. not absolutely to see or speak to Gertrude C. since she broke off engagement. E. spoke of bringing goose, but I am sure it would be a great trouble, so do not try; the having to change cars at Toronto is the great trouble.

We have got a new woman for clothes, who comes for them and returns them, so fortunate for the boy couldn't come any more for them; we tried one woman one week, she asked 30cts & they were dirty, but Ina McKenzie recommended this one. Hope Cal. will not finish himself with laymen. Tell E. Tom gave me Sept. money, am sending $10, you must keep some for your dinners, unless if E. comes down alone she'd prefer lunch, and if you think of going to Eaton's, you will need some. Cal can settle the rest, afterwards. With much love to you all. Your loving mother M.B. McQuesten

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