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W-MCP2-4.073 TO MISS HILDA MCQUESTEN from her mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 15 1913
To: Hilda McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Hilda,

Very many very happy returns of to-day! It is very trying that we should all be separated this month on our birth-days, but I hope you will have as pleasant a day as possible and I enclose a trifle to treat yourself as you like best, your private funds must be quite exhausted, but we must try and replenish when you return. I am afraid you will be feeling the change of weather, Edna will not like it and I am sure you need furs if you go out driving. If you are staying had I not better send some furs or anything else up. It only cost 45 cts to send the curtain down.

We just got our country meetings over in time as it was raining hard on Saturday and Sunday. To-day Mrs. Fletcher and Mrs. Colin [Fletcher] came in and Mrs. Colin is coming for dinner to-morrow and going with me to hear Dr. Margaret Patterson at Knox Church in the afternoon. In the evening I go to Erskine and next day to St. Catharines. That will be all this week.

This morning Mary and I went down to Finch's with her taupe hat to have Miss P. put in the feather and she got a satin petticoat for $1.95, and a very nice blue serge shirt for $4.75 and I got a black satin petticoat for $1.98. This afternoon Mrs. Mullin came in for a few minutes. She seems just as smart as possible in spite of her inefficient servants. Your friend Pentecost rang up to-day. Heard from Maggie White do-day, cannot get any butter for the from her relatives [sic]. She did not meet us at Orillia Station that day, and writes that Willie would not stay another day, so she had to get him packed up so he could come in the afternoon of that day, whilst she stayed to settle up. I am writing to some others for butter. On Friday evening when Tom and I went to see Mrs. Wilson off, Mrs. Gilbert Gordon's "Bob" Thomson was going by the same train so she introduced him to us, a nice pleasant looking man. In Mrs. Wilson's letter to-day, she says "he plied her with questions all the way down about India &c."

Mattie Davidson has no comfort at all with these glasses. She cannot see with them but the doctor persists; her eyes have been strained and these will bring them back. I cannot understand how it was you saw no flowers in the garden, the salvias & snapdragons were fine and some roses, since that particularly last week the roses have been beautiful and the anemones are coming on. The salvias are very good too. The sickle pears and others were picked by Chisholm and then I telephoned to Boy's Home and Girls' and got rid of what we couldn't use, besides going to every one we could think of, they wouldn't keep at all in that mild hot weather of last week.

How thankful I was to know you were safe at home when I heard the boys calling the extras "All about the wreck," what a fearful sight for those around too! Have not been able to visit the Thomsons or Mrs. Bell, so occupied all the time. Mr. and Mrs. Howell are going off again to Egypt and Palestine. Olga is to come to their house and Florence to be with her.

Has Cal. got the horse sold? You had better turn the front parlour carpet, for in the winter the blind must be up. Would I send up or can you get up there some kind of a mat like a hearth rug or oilcloth to stretch over the dining room carpet between kitchen door and table. Be sure and let me know anything I can send you to keep you warm. With fondest love dearie; hugs & kisses.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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