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W-MCP2-4.072 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her son [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten
Jun 2 1908
To: Mary Baker McQuesten [Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario]
From: 'The Manse,' Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

My dearest Mother,

I certainly fared well in the letter line last week, getting yours & yours Hilda's & Edna's on Wednesday and yours of May 22nd on Saturday. It is so nice to hear all the news and I particularly enjoyed your description of the garden; I could just see it all. I have always shared your weakness for flowering shrubs. I never can understand why people do not go in for them more. There is nothing so effective though the bulbs must be simply lovely. I should like very much to hear more about the Queen's statue, now that it is unveiled. I have always admired Hebert's work, his designs are so noble in their conception, and so exquisite in their execution.

Am so glad you have got that wretched stove question settled at last. I had no idea it would have meant so much bother or I would not have saddled you with it at all. But I shall feel quite set up when I get such a fine one, especially as I am really getting to be quite a cook. Last week I had a special chance to spread myself as two of the Clark boys were here from Monday till Friday building my stable. I had quite a time feeding them, but there was some satisfaction in it as they said they fared better than at home. Among other things I tried biscuits & pancakes and succeeded quite well with both. At any rate, the two of them polished off a whole pan of biscuit at a sitting with the exception of two which I demolished myself. Their appetites were not small, but I didn't begrudge them what they ate as they really made a very good job of the stable. They made it just big enough to hold my horse and buggy, and so arranged that I can accommodate a team of horses instead of the buggy in case I have visitors.

Am glad to hear that you are getting your big debts wiped out so finely. I wish I could send you along the $6.50 for the stove, but do scarcely know how I could manage it, although I am not in need of money myself.

So poor Edna caught the measles. It was really too bad, it makes a grown person feel so disgusted with themselves to get these infantile ailments. I really must write the poor child; she has been so good about writing me.

We are having beautiful weather but there is really no news to tell except that there is to be a concert & tea at the Buffalo school house, in honor of its opening next Friday, and I am asked to preside. Must close now with best love.

Your affectionate son

Calvin McQ. [McQuesten]

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