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W-MCP2-4.068 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his siter Ruby
Nov 22 1904 [estimated date] Tuesday afternoon
To: 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My Dearest Tim [Tom],1

Have just been downtown getting my check cashed, so here is a little of it. I wish it were more--it is such a little bit. But my furs have been being [edged?] & they are to arrive with the bill this week so it takes a good piece of it. But I'll be able easily to spare more next time, that is in four weeks, for I'm getting a little more this year. It was splendid your making a clear $50 last month. You should be proud of yourself.2

By the Globe I was reading the account of the great political meeting in Toronto. I read diligently through the whole of the speeches, spent a good hour and a half over it.--Think of that? [?] it must have been a rousing crowd! Did you go? I expect you were both in the crowd, 3 whether you heard anything is another matter. It made me wish I had a vote.4 I'd uphold the Government on the noble 3rd I believe, in spite of all the things people have been saying agin' it.

We have been having most beautiful weather since last Sat. It is almost too good to be real, lovely warm, balmy fall weather with a little haze and smoke. It is a pleasure to be alive & do nothing when you can.

And how are you getting along? I so often think of you and try to picture to myself what you are doing & what your office work is like,--But my imagination doesn't satisfy me. Are the heads of the firm nice to you. Just gossip to me a wee bit--there's a dear boy. 5 And how about Osgoode lectures and the profs. there. By the way Mrs. Grant Needham's younger brother is in his first year at Osgoode. His name is Grant of course. He has a twin brother on a paper here as Mrs. Needham says where the twins are together neither does anything so they decided to separate. Isn't it comical. By the way did you ever meet a medical student by the name of Tye--he is in his second year. His sister Elise Tye is a student here, a lovely girl. They come from Goderich.

Well I must run and ring the bell for the walk. How do you like your room? Is it very small. Mama seemed to think it was very small for her little big Tom. Take care of yourself dear and write to me soon.

With much love


1 Date has been estimated by reference to W-MCP2-4.080 dated Nov. 25, 1904, when Ruby's furs had arrived. It appears that Ruby wrote this letter on Tuesday afternoon Nov. 22, 1904.

2 How did Tom earn the $50? It was likely as the Mgr. of the Varsity magazine at Osgoode.

3 This is likely a reference to Tom and his brother Calvin who were both at the University of Toronto at this time.

4 In 1916 the Western Provinces granted suffrage--Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan.
In 1918 all provinces granted the vote (with some restrictions) except Quebec.
In 1920 Women were allowed to stand for election (limited)
In 1940 Quebec granted the vote to women.
In 1950 FULL SUFFRAGE was granted to all women and men (those previously not included).

5 The McQuestens enjoyed gossip and their letters are often full of same. However, it was not malicious, in fact, the Presbyterians had a name for it--it was "neighbours' watchfulness" and they were required to visit friends regularly and then relay the "news" at their meetings.

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