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Margaret Edna McQuesten (1885-1935)W-MCP2-4.063 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ., B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 24 1904
To: Thomas McQuesten Carleton, P.O. Carleton Co., Ont.
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

I mentioned in one letter that Ruby leaves here on Monday Sept. 5th. What time did you think of coming home? We might arrange the Boat Ticket for you and I think the Turbinia on a Friday leaves Toronto at 8:30, nearer the time I can find out and send you word, if you wished to come straight home that night.

I wonder if by this time you have got the announcement of Edna's great achievement. You can imagine the tremendous excitement here. When the first paper stated she had won Honours in Latin & Greek, I thought she had done well and the other girls and Edna said there was a mistake and when I looked into it & saw the honour list, I saw that Governor-General's scholarship was given for Classics and Ethel Lester had not taken Greek. So as Mr. Thompson is away in North West, I wrote Registrar of Queen's just asking a little explanation. When I was out on Friday morning a letter had arrived from Queen's and I saw the whole family on the steps waving & gesticulating wildly, the Registrar very politely apologized, there had been a mistake and he was sending correction to Toronto dailies & Hamilton paper. It really seemed impossible to believe it, for I had always thought if she got through that was all I could expect. But alas! She failed in that wretched physics, I asked the Registrar but she only got 26. However, E. is quite happy and thinks she may try Queen's next year, after resting for a year. There is a Woman's Residence of which she has received a prospectus.

Jean Ross went away yesterday after being with us a week, a very nice little girl, Mary Taylor is here now, so we have been having quite a houseful, seven women. We had Mrs. Ross, Margaret & Mrs. Scott in for tea, Mrs. Davidson lent us the chair for Margaret, it is terrible to see her, so young and pretty but with such a suffering face, there is never any cure and it is terrible to be hopeless. We are quite busy entertaining various people, Mr. & Mrs. Milne are here from Ottawa, so we have asked them for Friday with Mr. & Mrs. Begue & Mr. Chisholm.

Then next week we are going to clean house, take the books down in library and Wednesday expect the Dustless Machine for the carpets, there is a reduction to 6 cts. a yard if one has it done in Aug., the slack time. Last night Mrs. Mullin brought Robin in to say good-bye. He goes off to-night to Minneapolis where he has got a position of demonstrator in the State University. He is to work under a Dr. Westbrooke who is married to a daughter of Sir Thos. Taylor. Cal. writes that he leaves on Sept. 12th for a week at Banff in company with a Rev. Peter Henderson a young Scotch man, to whom he has taken a great liking. I am sure he will enjoy it & am glad he has a companion. Edna has had such a number of cards & letters of congratulation. We have been having such a lot of rain but beautiful weather in between. All the family but Mary & myself went to the Beach yesterday morning lovely weather, but too cool for tomatoes I am afraid and other things. I am glad you escaped that business of standing in the water. Be very careful about getting rheumatism. Well, I think I have exhausted my news. Edna had a card from Hewitt. Well good-bye dearie, may god bless & keep you in his constant care and may we never forget His goodness!

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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