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W-MCP2-4.055 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTESN, from his sister Ruby
Mar 10 1905 Friday morning [Postmark]
To: Thomas, B. McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dearest Tim [Tom],

It seems ages since I had sent you a line and I've had it on my mind so often lately. I hadn't meant to wait till I sent my money order.1 But I've been lazy these days & going to bed at half past nine or ten every night this week and so a good many things now seem to confront me.

I suppose your cold now is a thing far past. Really I laughed out loud at your description of the attention of your female friends. They certainly did look after you. You must be careful now that the wicked March is here--it is supposed to be on the lookout for the unwary.

Many thanks for the tooth-brush. Did I tell you it came on Valentine's day and when the girls saw the shape of the parcel they thought it was 'spoons' and it would be a great joke on me. They kept smiling and telling me there was a parcel for me in the office & looked at each other knowingly & were ever so much disappointed when only a toothbrush was forthcoming.

Well we are beginning to think of spring now. Our snow-shoe tramps are about over & I'm not sorry. Last Sat. evening I succeeded in freezing my cheeks after standing all winter. They don't look any different but they feel as if they had been somewhat punched. I thought when I felt them in the morning that I must have tumbled out of bed but I didn't see how I could have hurt both cheeks without damaging my retrousse and that was in good health. And they've been somewhat sore all week.

We've had some good musical affairs this week--the last thing I heard was Emil Paur's orchestra one of the finest in the world it is said to be. It certainly was far beyond anything I'd ever heard. But I fancy concerts and lectures are pretty well over and I'm just as glad. I've the restless spring feeling & don't want to do anything I've done before.

We had our Chinese social a couple of weeks ago. Our Celestials performed their parts very creditably. We had a most wonderful duet. You certainly would have rolled off your seat as some of the comical Chinamen nearly did. We also had a quartette [sic] & a solo--the latter really very good--Mark Ching kept on the tune well. Then of course we had recitations of parts of Scripture & speeches. Dr. Thompson of Montreal gave Chinese views & we had games to begin and refreshments to end. It is a long evening from seven to eleven. But the men enjoy it I think.2

Well last week we had a visit from our old friend Dr. Macdonald, late deputy speaker. He invited us to dine at the Russell & took us out a couple of times for ice-cream & regaled us with numerous boxes of candies. Then I had a visit from Col. McCrae lately too.3

And you have had several visits from the little Mither, haven't you. She is very proud of her boys & thinks they are finer each time she sees them. And now I must bring my epistle to a close.

Mama said that if I sent you $26 you would give Cal $15 & next time you would need more money yourself. So you can see Cal & give him his and tell him he will get a letter very soon, probably by Monday.

And now dear old boy, Good-Bye. Take good care of yourself & send me a line soon--I do enjoy your letters.

With much love.

Your affec'ate sister Ruby B. McQuesten

1 Ruby sends money to Tom to pay for his University fees. Also see later in letter, she sends money to both her brothers, Tom and Calvin.

2 Ruby often mentions teaching the Chinese (and the Japanese, as her mother does in Hamilton). Ruby's description of the "social" indicates the extent and effectiveness of the effort.

3 The McCraes are friends of the McQuestens. See W4651 and W5464.

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