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[Letterhead and Crest]

W-MCP2-4.046 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
May 19 1906
To: Thomas Baker McQuesten 22 Grosvenor St., Toronto, Ontario
From: Attorney General Manitoba 66 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba

My darling Tom,

Last night I came here to spend "the week's end" [sic] with Mrs. Campbell. She is the kindest, most warm-hearted dear woman you can imagine. It seems she went to the college in Hamilton, and used to admire our house with the little children playing on the lawn, and then she used to meet me at Presbyterial meetings, although I do not remember it, so she very kindly asked me and Mrs. Gregory too, who was also at Hamilton Coll.

Our only drawback is the weather, oppressively hot for Tuesday and Wednesday, pouring rain on Thursday, though fortunately for me (as it was the day of my address) cooler and yesterday bitterly cold and blowing a gale. Nevertheless Mrs. Bryce (a most congenial hostess) and I started off for Kildonan, the electric car takes you right to the historic church and cemetery, but to reach the entrance one had to cross a wide road of Winnipeg mud, you can have no conception of it, black and sticky as pitch, we had to try and skip over it on our toes, for if we rested an instant, we would have lost our rubbers, as we saw one pair left to tell the tale. In the cemetery are the monuments of John Black, the pastor of this first church, Rev. Jas. Nesbitt and Mrs. Nesbitt first missionary to the Indians of Alberta, Dr. Robertson, Dr. & Mrs. King, Hon. Bannatyne [sic] and others who had been pioneers of the church, all Presbyterian, the old church with a tablet to Dr. Black, to it the people came by the Red River or by the roads.

You might think this would be sufficient for one day, but on return, changed our dress and went to a "Tea" at old Mrs. Sifton's, the mother of the Hon. Clifford, and wound up by coming here in the evening, meeting a large party of ladies who had been invited for the evening. Rev. J. W. McMillan was here too and was making most kind and particular inquiries for you and all.

I am resting myself to-day, and to-morrow is the Sabbath. Then on Tuesday we are planning to go out and see some of the schools. Dr. and Mrs. Gilbart both friends of Calvin are at Rolling River Minnedosa Station, so we go there first, then out to Birtle where we expect to see an Indian show of some kind. On Monday we are going to find out exact cost of the various distances before I start, but I feel so thankful for all I have enjoyed and been enabled to do.

I am sending you a paper with editorial on our W.F.M.S. It is a very appreciative one, but I think it was correct, they are very fine meetings and those who see them for the first time cannot fail to be impressed. As for myself, I had asked for a special power to give a message to the women of the West to stand out for what is right and trust in God, and I feel truly that I was almost taken out of myself and helped beyond my expectation. It was so touching afterwards, the way the women from all over the West, poor plain women thanked me, kissed me and even cried over me. I shall never forget it. Mr. Campbell comes from Burlington, but a friend of theirs, of Mr. & Mrs. Campbell's who stayed with them when they first began, told me they started with owing a tenth of their income to the Lord; and Mr. C. was an elder in church and used to visit almost as much as a minister and always attended the week service. So it is no wonder they have prospered. Cannot describe the house till I see you. With fondest love and hoping you are all well dearie.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] My address is still 372 Assinaboine Ave. [Winnipeg, Manitoba].

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