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W-MCP2-4.017 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN, ESQ. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Mar 10 1904
To: Thomas McQuesten 41 Isabella St. Toronto, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear dear boy,

I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate your kind loving letter received on the 7th. You are the only one who ever remembers it; and all the sweet things you say are far more than I deserve. For though I have certainly striven with all my power to bring you all up for the service of God (I can honestly say this), it would have been an useless effort if you had not had the disposition to follow out my wishes. I have known so so many excellent parents with such miserable families. I do indeed, thank God with all my heart, that His Spirit has lead each one of you to acknowledge His right to control your lives, for I know that, whatever you are, is owing to His abounding mercy and kindness.

You have been away from me dearie, most of the time for years and could easily have gone far astray, and none but God could have kept you in the right path. It is a time of anxiety, these years when a lad is at college and I pray for you most earnestly. I never have any fear of your falling into evil habits; I feel, I can trust you sense of right and decency thoroughly but the danger is, that with the tremendous amount of work that has to be done in preparation for examinations, lasting over so many years of a young man's life, just when he is young and fresh, he may lost sight of the Supreme object, the crowning glory of His life, namely the saving of other lives for God. You are not associated with earnest Christians; the sad thing is then one seldom meets one and we are greatly helped by our surroundings and so when you are rushed to death with many studies and your mind tired, it is almost impossible for you not to become absorbed in them altogether and grow cold-hearted. Certainly, it is your duty at this time just to use your time to its very best advantage in preparation for your work, but whilst you are doing this ask God very earnestly just to show you how you can serve Him at the same time and never be ashamed when the opportunity offers, of speaking for Jesus Christ; your speaking or doing might give courage to weaker men, and it is to be prepared for this, that we need to keep reading the Word of God, that we may have its teachings ready to hand.

On Tuesday night at the Centenary of the Bible Society we had Canon O'Meara from Toronto. He gave us one of the ablest addresses I have heard for a long time and amongst other things told us that tho' the Bible has been translated into 370 languages, that is only 1/3 of the dialects on the globe, there are yet 2/3 whose people have never heard the message; up amongst the tributaries of the Amazon there are 17 different Indian Tribes who do not know each other's language.

Cal. is settled now in the middle of his parish and will be more comfortable. Before he left his boarding house at Macleod the young men in the house gave him a Waterman pen. I was very glad to think he had made himself so much liked. Yesterday we had an Afternoon Tea for quite a number of ladies; Miss Cray, who is on our W.F.M.S. Board in Toronto and whom I have known for a long time was visiting here, so I gave it for her and they all seemed to enjoy it very much. I wish you could have been here to finish up the Charlotte Russe. Poor Herbie Bell has had "Grip" and at last hearing, Mrs. bell was thinking she would have to bring him home to get nursed up. Poor little chap, he has had a hard time.

Our annual meeting of W.F.M.S. is in Toronto in May. Have been asked to take charge of "Question Drawer." Do not know whether to venture the excitement but that requires no previous preparation. Well dearie, I must close to catch the mail, hope you are getting along satisfactorily and keeping free from colds. Let me know whenever you want money. Many many thanks for your beautiful letter to me, it cheered me more than I can express.

Ever your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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