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W-MCP2-4.015 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Marion Robinson
Nov 20 1930
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 41 Jackson Street West, Hamilton, Ontario
From: 188 Dufferin Road, Ottawa, Ontario

My dear Calvin,

We all appreciated very much your kind letter of sympathy. It was specially interesting to us to be reminded of Burnsides years in Montreal. When I came to Ottawa in February 1900 Burnside was still here but went soon after to Montreal. We are a little vague as to date and would like to know just how long he was in Montreal. Were you still there when he went to Toronto? Perhaps you would give me any information you have. On re-reading your letter I see that you must have left Burnside in Montreal. When did you go to Montreal?

Burnside had been losing weight for several years but as he has got a bit too stout we did not worry. Early this year he had his teeth out and apparently there was considerable poison through his system. In April he was laid up with three very bad carbuncles and never went back to the office as he developed a skin disease called pemphigus, which we understand is practically incurable. Blisters formed all over his body. When some of the family went up to see him early in September, he was in a sad state. Such discomfort. He told mother, "Job had nothing on me." And such patience and sweetness. His disposition was always as you knew it, genial and good tempered, but he had become with added years very quiet. The light heartedness had gone. When mother and I left home on September 9 we were hopeful of his recovery as they were giving him a serum that had stopped the blisters. At this time he was not in bed but was not dressed, just in the upstairs sitting room in an easy chair or lying on the couch. A few weeks after he had a bad heart attack, and was in bed, the last month. Helen went up a few days before his death and was so glad she was there. I had been saving the rest of my holidays to spend them with him. Aunt Phan, who now lines with us was up there too. Burnside was counting on coming to Ottawa--told mother he had his ticket ready. He thought so much of his family poor darling.

Thank you for your letter.

Sincerely yours,

Marion Robinson

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