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W-MCP2-4.001 TO THOMAS B. MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jun 9 1906 Friday Afternoon, [Postmark June 9, 1906]
To: 22 Grosvenor St. Toronto, Ontario
From: Ottawa Ladies College

My dearest Tom,

It seems ages since I had written you a line that wasn't a breathless scrawl. Now there really is a breathing time.

Young Mike [Edna] left me on Monday--you probably saw her--and is now safe home. My room had been becoming quite disreputable, papers collecting & letters unanswered and exercises to correct as well as various articles of sewing. But my room was swept on Wed. & had a thorough cleaning & then I tackled all of my belongings. Ted [Edna] and I had some difficulty in finding room for our gowns & a bulgy box under the bed and two telescopes had to take care of our underclothes.1

However, we were quite cheerful over it, & just inflicted ourselves on our neighbours when our own home became too untidy. But now it is nice to be clean & neat once more & somehow it makes a person more cheerful.

Now we're starting on the home stretch and for the next three weeks one feels satisfied though every minute is busy. It will be a grand old rush. But just to think of the fine trip coming my way at the end. To think of my really going to Quebec, to see all the old historical places. I wish you were coming too and we could jaunt around together. And then afterward, two whole months of rest at Farms[?] Point. It seems almost too good to be true, the lazy life I'll lead. I'll be too fat to walk when I come home. The only sad part of it is and it is really very sad that I won't see you all summer and not see our old place at all. But it will really do me so much good this rest that I shouldn't think of the other. I can't help thinking about you and wondering what your summer is to be. I won't be a bit happy if I have to think of you working away in that old stuffy Toronto all summer, after your busy year. Tell me if you think you are to have a long holiday & not just two weeks. And then too, there will be no home for poor little Tom to come up to over Sunday, not to mention the pleasure of that boat trip back and forth.

I'm sending on the little Mither's letter. I'm so glad she is keeping well. Won't this drive away all the cobwebs and sorrows of the winter. She'll have enough to talk of all summer & when I have tales of Quebec & she of the West we'll keep the ball rolling.

Well, my dear, my time is up. It is lovely summer weather though sultry & rather too damp. I hope it is not too hot for you'all, can just picture you stewing in the heat the way you used to do for our benefit.

Well old boy take care of yourself. With much love.


1 Edna has been staying with Ruby at the Ottawa College while her mother was away in the West inspecting the missionary schools and churches.

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