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W-MCP1-3b.021 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Edna McQuesten
Jun 29 1916
To: Y.M.C.A. Ottawa, Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Calvin,

I am writing this letter on my own responsibility but every mail Mama looks for a letter & is so disappointed when she does not hear from you that I thought I'd give you a hint to write her as she seems to me to be ageing a lot lately with the war and all. Try and drop her a few lines as I really feel uneasy about her sometimes and if she makes unfortunate remarks in her letters try and not notice them. In her last letter she was [angry?] she rather spoiled the letter by some unfortunate remark, but like Mary she doesn't think before she speaks, and then she is more outspoken than most people which is a characteristic no doubt that she inherited from her father. Also, I notice and have noticed ever since Ruby's death that her memory isn't as good as it used to be and she is apt to get blue at times more than a younger person would. Don't bother writing long letters but any little thing of an interesting nature retained is better than nothing to write about.

We've got a nice cottage close to Oakville. H. went there to-day. I'm going to-morrow and Mary on Saturday. I will pay for the shrubs whenever your bills come in from Graham's as next week I'll be getting my June allowance and will have the money.

I enjoyed the comfortable berth on the train that night, a great improvement on the other kind. The old darkey porter was a nice old chap.

Now I only wrote as the time seems longer to those at home and I thought likely you were busy with so many things that you wouldn't realize Mama would be missing your letters.

It will be a great thing to get a chaplaincy1. The Butlers, Marion Robinson's relatives had a house on the mainland near the island in Sparrow Lake where the James's have their house. I remember seeing them up there when I stayed at The Nest. So described it to one of that family whom you mentioned in your letter.

Mr. Service, who has an old furniture store is in looking at our things and seems to know a lot. He is an Englishman quite old and has Junor's old stand next P.O. Read Mr. Polly, parts of it are funny.


M.E.M. [Margaret Edna McQuesten]

1 Calvin had applied for a chaplaincy appointment to the armed forces, but he did not receive one. He came home and there are no letters.

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