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[Written at Top]: Note Change of Address.

Snowshoeing CalvinW-MCP1-3b.019 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his friend Mary MacLeod Moore
Jan 19 1913
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Knox Church Manse, Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 39 Ashley Gardens, London, SW, Telephone 1776 Victoria.

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

I ought to begin "Rev. & Dear Sir," but I write you really were a dear to write and such a nice letter and I laughed hard over bits of it. Principally about Ll. George. How fearfully exciting for you to have that nice Manse and Church and a Parish, and worse that I am distinctly appreciated on your account, that [here? there?] ladies of the parish do not embroider slippers and make waistcoats for you so they send in quantities of snow, [?] they had it in the North.

The grass is a summer green and the bulbs are coming up in the parks. I do want to go over for a long visit some day I shall. I have often thought of [?] evenings where Rev. [W?] told us his exciting stories and told them so vividly too bad you knew he was married about nine years ago and lives in Toronto! Miss Gray also married a year ago and her husband has been ill for months but is getting better. I hear Mr. Michael was able to stay. There is still talk of Sir Hugh Graham being High Commr. here and really they might as well have for D.S. alone as he is so 0ld.

My mother is also well thank you and my brother ditto despite the fact that he was ill here the end of Jan. to the end of April with appendicitis, and I also had operation. It was a horrid time. Then we moved here in June. "Toby M. P.," Punch (Sir Henry Lucy) lives in the flat above us. I went to Wales in July for a visit and my mother and I went to Ireland for a month. Living in a [?] hotel the first evening we arrived and sat at the deal table [to?] Mr. "Cox."

Do you remember that red-haired R.C. erstwhile of the Herald office with the name of [Nice Tuning Beat?]. If not I shall give up believing stories. They always do in books.

I long for those woods. I sometimes feel as if I never had lived anywhere but England, or had lived here in a previous existence because I fit in so well. But I do sometimes have a sort of ache for snow. I want a hard blue sky and crunching steps in the frosty ground and the stars twinkling like bright eyes and the pines ticking up straight and dark. Here in the South of England we havenít seen a flake.

Of Robert Emmett? I knew his voice before I saw his face. He introduced his wife whose sister is married to Mr. Walsh of the Herald. We all adjourned to the lounge to talk and he was most solicitous for the comfort and entertainment (with coffee). Of my mother, here he spoke of as "Mother" pure and simple! We both nearly exploded. He poured into all the news and everything was [honley monly monly?]. Are all you Canadians getting like that? I hope not. However, he is doing well & I was glad. He rebuked me gently when I told him I did a good deal of work one kind and another gratis.

Does the enclosed interest you? I am on their [Mensas?] Comm. I think it is a movement much needed.1

Have you a photograph of yourself. If so send one. I have no new ones but must get some one of these days. We had a Christmas Card from Mr. Holme (do you remember on the [Gazette?]. I daresay you knew he married the widow of the Rev. H. [Steirs?]. He was at the Cathedral in Montreal. Did you know that R. G. Mateus the artist is married? To a pretty actress lady. I am always gadding about and amusing myself and helping on committees and writing. I have a most generous [Trothey?] so I donít have to work hard. I can [play?] well & grateful for all the mercies. Write affairs when you have time.

M. E. MacL. M. [Mary E. MacLeod Moore]2

[Envelope Postmark, Front]:
London SW
12:30 p.m., 20 Jan 13

[Envelope Postmark, Back]:
Bracebridge Ont.
3 PM Feb 1/13

1 There is no enclosure shown on the microfilm.

2 For all references to Mary E. MacLeod Moore, see, W7962, W7411, W7564, W7588, W7611, W8744, W-MCP1-3b.019, and see Box 04-007 for a footnote on Mary E. MacLeod Moore. Mary E. MacLeod Moore was a fellow-journalist with Calvin at the Montreal Herald in 1902.

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