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W-MCP1-3b.018 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her son, [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten
Apr 14 1908
To: Mary Baker McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

My dear Mother,

Your second letter reached me on Saturday and I hope to get this off by to-morrow's mail, if I can scare up an envelope, which is doubtful, as there does not seem to be one in the house, although this is the Post Office. From now on we are to have 2 mails a week, which is a great advance. Mail will be sent out on Tuesdays and Fridays and will be received on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In your first letter you said something about telegrams. Unless it were sent out by special messenger from Saskatoon, which would cost about $15 to $25 I fancy, the only other way if it could be sent to Hanley in time to catch the mail going out Tuesday or Friday mornings at 8 o'clock and reaching here at noon next day. However, I sincerely hope there will be no need to send any.

Was quite relieved to hear the result of my exams. I did much better in Hebrew then I expected--got about 63% & it only takes 33% to pass. One of the boys sent my marks. Yesterday & to-day have been regular spring days and the snow is slipping away like hoar-frost on a sunny morning. Most of the ground is bare and dry already. Yesterday I had one service in the afternoon. Have not got a horse yet, but have a fine one in view.

What a wonderful bale that was you sent me. It was like exploring a Christmas stocking on a large scale-a series of surprises. All the pots and pans are so nice and neat, and the cups and saucers so pretty. It made it seem quite Lordlike to have the plates belonging to our old dinner set. But the silver knives and forks seem altogether to grand for a shack. How you ever managed to buy all the things you did for $5 is beyond my comprehension. I can't tell you how set up I feel, and I have plenty of room in my shack too. I wish you could have seen me sitting down to my first meal. I tell you it was sumptuous. I had bought a ham at Anderson's store and had a slice of it fried. Then as I had not brought any potatoes with me, I committed the extravagance of broaching a can of the corn you put in the bale. I had bread & honey and cocoa for desert, with generous slice of that noble plum-cake to top off with. I finished the corn for breakfast next morning, and also made some first class rolled oats in my double-boiler.

It is probable that I could borrow some stove or other all summer, so unless you get a real bargain you need not send one. The other day I saw a little sheet iron stove with cast iron top, which would just suit me. It was manufactured by Dennis Moore and had 4 holes and an oven. You ought I think to get a good second hand one for $3 or $4. But do not think it would be advisable to buy any without pricing it new in some stove store. Before I write again I will try to figure out what stove pipes I need. If you had room in barrel of preserves you might put in half a dozen 5 cent tins of baked beans without tomato sauce, as well as some tomatoes--I mean your own make.

Everything is going nicely. Must close now, with best love.

Your affectionate son,

Calvin McQuesten

P.S: I am getting the Globe. Only $1 for six months.

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