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W-MCP1-3b.013 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Ruby
Jan 1 1905 Thursday afternoon [Postmark 1905, but date illegible]
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Ottawa Ladies' College

My dearest Cal.,

We have just had a telegram saying that Margaret Ross passed away peacefully this morning.1 We knew she was very ill for on Saturday Eleanor heard she had inflammation of the lungs and then on Monday came the word that Margaret was very low & Eleanor was to take the morning train. We waited then for word from Eleanor which came yesterday Wednesday, and said Margaret was a little better but not to ask to have her stay she wanted to go. So we were really prepared for the word that has just come. You can understand how they will feel about it. They will miss Margaret perhaps more than any other member of the family for she has needed so much care but they will feel resigned to have her go. She was so brave and sweet & cheerful but she suffered so much.

Yesterday when I was out a Mrs. Kidd, the mother of a little day-pupil, Claudia Kidd, was speaking of Margaret. This Mrs. Kidd was very fond of the Ross's and has been at death's door with inflammation of the lungs herself but she wanted to do something for Margaret & thought she would like to send her some flowers. However, she did not know how to do it & I said that if she gave me the money I thought you would get some flowers for her. I know you are busy but thought you might get some flowers or whatever you think & tell them whom they are from.

Mrs. Ross always likes to see you. Even now I think they would all like to see you. The funeral is on Saturday but if you could get the flowers to them on Friday it would be better. I hope it doesn't upset some plan. With much love, dearie.

Your loving sister,


[P.S.] We are going to send some flowers from the school because we think they'd like it, but Mrs. Ross doesn't believe in spending money on flowers and I don't think you need think of buying any yourself. [On separate page]

Dear Cal., The teachers have decided to send flowers too so here is $5 if you would order a shower bouquet of white roses tied with white satin ribbon. In these envelopes are the cards to go with our flowers and Claudia's name on those from Mrs. Kidd. It is too bad to cause you so much trouble but it was the only way we could think of.

1 For the Ross family see W4651, W5630. For Ruby's relationsip with David Ross, see W5622, W6135.

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