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W-MCP1-3b.012 TO MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her son [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten
Jul 13 1908
To: Mary Baker McQuesten 'Whitehern' Hamilton, Ontario
From: 'The Manse' Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

My dear Mother,

When I got back from Saskatoon on Friday I found your letter of July 2nd waiting for me. It would be a relief to you I am sure to have the rush of getting Ruby off over, and now I hope you will all get a little rest. It does seem a great expense to go to if it was not absolute necessary. But, as you say, you would never forgive yourself if anything went wrong. It is also very nice to think that she will see some of the best of the Rockies for the same fare. What in the world would we do without Tom to come to the rescue. It is really wonderful how little he gets along on, when lots of young men earning as much as he does, spend every cent on themselves.

The catalpas must, indeed, be looking beautiful, and the whole garden indeed. I have just been reckoning up that I have seen the garden in it's glory only once in the last seven years. When I was in Saskatoon I had the first strawberries I have tasted in three years. I can tell you they were a treat. I might have missed them altogether as I was not thinking about this being the season, but I happened to be having tea with a Mr. and Mrs. Turner, parents of I boy I knew at Varsity, and so enjoyed the luxury.

The meeting of Presbytery was not particularly inspiring. There were only about eight or nine present. And as of these only three were ordained ministers and therefore the only working members, it made it just possible to do business and no more. For with Mr. Gallup in the Moderator's chair, it just left two members to move and second all the motions. The rest including students & missionary evangelists were allowed to join in discussions but had no vote. It was certainly a pretty small beginning. The weather was very hot, both going and coming, and pretty hard on my poor horse though she stood it well.

Yesterday morning I had the honor of preaching an Orange sermon to the local L.O.L at Zealandia, 16 members joining in "the walk "to church". But I am afraid I am not a sufficiently rabid anti-Catholic to satisfy a really loyal Orangeman.

Must close now, as I have a chance to send this to the post & so save myself a special trip.

The stove & jam have arrived in Saskatoon O.K. and a boy who is going in this week with a team is to bring them out. With best, love to all.

Your affectionate son

Calvin McQuesten

P.S: Will write Uncle C. soon.

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