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[Letter and Envelope edged in black]

Box 12-823 TO REV. THOMAS BAKER from C. H. Crandon
May 8 1858
To: Rev. Thomas Baker Newmarket, C.W., Ontario
From: Brantford, Ontario

Rev. Thomas Baker.
Rev. and very dear Sir,

We received your kind letter of the 16th Feb. and return you the grattitude [sic] of our hearts for the sympathy which it breathes and the and the [sic] comforting thoughts it suggests under a severely afflicting Providence. Our dear June's death was a matter of almost as great surprise to us as it was to you for she had been ill but little more than a week. The disease was in her throat and although we were aware it had become very severe we did not expect a fatal termination untill [sic] she was dying. The throat was indeed relieved and breathing had become easier but it seems that the disease had extended to the lungs but how they were so affected as to cause death we do not yet know. She had never made a public profession of religion but there is much in her life that affords evidence of the holy spirit's work upon her heart and it is plain to our minds that she had increasing veneration for religion and fear of God of which we can speak at length when we see you if it be agreeable to the Divine Will to grant this desire of our hearts.

It is indeed greatly consoling under this afflicting dispensation to know that nothing takes place by chance and that he who directs and governs all things is as kind and merciful as he is wise and powerful and to believe that this afflicting stroke was ordered in mercy and love both to her and to us, I cannot think otherwise, but Mrs. Crandon and Esther complain that their minds are sometimes harrassed [sic] with the distressing fear that she has gone to her great and last account in an unprepared state. But it is impossible for me to suppose that the death of the body can work such a terrible transformation upon the soul as to change one so kind hearted and self sacrificing, that she might benefit others, so compassionate to suffering humanity and so fearful of offending God, as our dear daughter was, into a fit associate for fiends and enemies of God and all good, but with the assurance in my mind that she is removed away from the evil to come to a state of perfect happiness.

I bless God for his loving-kindness in taking her off so gently without pain and without fear for it is probable that had she been aware of the near approach of death she would have been alarmed doubting her own fitness for the change. Thus mercy and love to the dear departed is manifested, and our need of this affliction to loosen our hold upon the world and to keep the fear of God before our eyes is apparent to our minds while the thought to which you direct us of having dear ones in heaven, does indeed draw our affections thither, and one thing that appears to my mind as very singular is that I never loved my dear daughter with an affection so strong-with a love so exquisite and intense while she was living as I do now. We return you our sincere thanks for your condolense [sic] and Christian advice and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you and Mrs. Baker with us in the course of the summer. Mr. Lilley called on us yesterday and we expect him to stop with us during the union meeting, of course we cannot expect to see you then but hope your turn will come after.

It is reported that Mr. Wood is very uncomfortable in the Congregational Church. Please remember our kind love to Mrs. Baker and Mary, and believe me yours in sincere friendship and Christian love.

C.H. Crandon

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