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Box 12-807 TO DR. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from W.H. Blanchard
Nov 18 1873
To: Dr. Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Windsor, England

My dear Sir,

I have put off writing to you in the hope that I would get time to write you a good long letter but it seems as if every day brings its own work. Besides my absence from home for five weeks caused a great accumulation of work and I have not yet overtaken it all. Since our return my wife and I have often talked over with pleasure our hasty trip through Canada and we almost always fix upon the brief visit in your hospitable home as the most pleasant part of it and it would be a matter of great delight to us if you would place us in a position to reciprocate your kind attentions. It may be in the kind Providence of God that you and your dear wife will step in upon us some fine day next summer. How kind it is of our Father that the future is hid from us--it leaves us to enjoy a great deal in hope and anticipation that will never be realized--I think one half of the pleasures of life consist in looking forward to the enjoyments of "tomorrow." Fortunately we are so constituted that we rarely look forward to the ills and discomforts of the future.

I was in [?] a few days ago and spent a few hours with my brother in law Isaac [McLandry?]. He was delighted to hear from you and I was glad to be able to gratify him. He is hale and active altho' his hair is whitened by some 75 winters.

You would learn from my wife's letter to your wife written shortly after our return home that we had a pleasant journey after we left you and arrived home safely--our stay at Niagara was specially delightful--I could not help feeling when I looked upon that wonderful water fall how beautifully it represented the majesty and eternity of its glorious Creator. That vast sheet of water which no Earthly power could control flowing for all ages without any apparent diminution in volume in the heat of summer or any excess in autumn or winter rains apparently always and ever the same.

Our hasty run down through the Mohawk valley was very enjoyable--Our sail from Hudson down to New York City was simply grand--How much I should like next autumn if my wife & I should be spared to go on the same route taking however two weeks instead of five for the round--However it is unlikely that we will accomplish it. Who knows what may happen in the next twelve months. I hope Mrs. McQuesten is quite well--Please convey my kind regards to Isaac and his dear wife, also to Dr. Calvin when you write him--

Mrs. B. joins me in kindest love to you and Mrs. McQuesten and we are now enjoying our long [?] good health.

I am yours very affectionately

W.H. Blanchard

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