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[Note at top] Edna is making R. shake with laughing at what she will do when she visits you at "The Manse" whenever it may be.

Box 12-323 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 27 1910
To: Calvin McQuesten [Bracebridge, Ont.]

My dearest Calvin,

This week I received a letter from the wife of Dr. Stafford of whom Mrs. Miller wrote me some time ago. Dr. Stafford's wife was a friend of Edith Colemanís and they have been for years in Arizona near Phoenix, where he went for his health. They now keep "the Desert Sun" six miles from Phoenix and from many I hear it is good in every way. Dr P. had a patient there who said food &c. was good. They only take 16 in the Inn but they tent houses near by. Ruby and Hilda could have two rooms connected to the Inn or a two roomed tent house for the same price, $15 a week each. This seemed so remarkable that R. was quite excited about going and I am very sorry I told her about it, for certainly the booklet sent by Mrs. S. is most tempting. (I wrote her to send you one) and R. had made up her mind just to go to our mountain. Dr. Parfitt is much opposed to her going, told me we might get her there, but we would certainly never bring her back. I cannot repeat all he said, I believe he told you; if her fever had gone down, he would say go, but as it is he says it is useless.

If we had not Edna to consider, I think I would make the effort, by taking Hilda with me, but I am so worn out, I could not undertake it alone and H. feels it to be such a terrible thing to take her there to die; and both of us cannot leave Edna, tho' well enough, when carefully cared for, she could not be left depressed, and tired. Mary is getting very tired too.

Sometimes I think of taking her home and letting her room be our dining-room, she could have the grate-fire and be beside us. Then again fear the strain for all, the coughing at times is so distressing, and the fever affects the stomach but all of us would stand it for R's sake, if we had not to consider Edna, tho' I do not sleep half the night; now that Dr. P. has taken away all hope from me.

Then again, I remember God's power to heal and I think if it is his will to restore her He will do it without our going so far from home. R. did say one day she would be satisfied whatever I decided but other times she speaks of having a chance if could go to Arizona. Was so glad of your letter, thought Bruce's (?) thought [sic] very helpful.

If I do not take R. home, will try for a small house in quiet part of city where she can have a South-room and H. will go with her alone perhaps for awhile or else with some one to help her. Just hoping every day for some special guidance. Tho' certainly I do not see how we are to get R. so far away, the fever is so continuous, and for that reason you see the doctor says change of climate would be no help, but if we could get her there and the whole family with her, she could enjoy the climate. Well, we had a call from Mr. Gartshore and two boys, he told us some news of your friend Will Leslie of Montreal, at Cacouna [likely, Caucona, Quebec] he met a Scotch lady Margaret Wilson, in two weeks matters were arranged and he is off to Scotland to be married.

Edna had a letter to-day written by Mrs. Thomson on "The Tunisian" so they must have arrived, they only sailed on the 12th, and were having a lovely passage. Laura's asthma left her at Belle Isle, but she and Mrs. Joe were sea-sick. Think you will enjoy Mrs. Mullin's letter. It seems so hard to think of others going about enjoying themselves and darling Ruby always so cheerful and patient lying in her bed month after month. God's ways are very mysterious, her illness not only makes her useless but all of us.

Tom can find no suitable place on mountain. R. says it was very good of you to write so soon again and sends love as all do. H. says it is disgraceful, she has not written, but really she has scarcely a minute, E.'s plans for use of five dollars are countless. You will be very cold sometimes, we had a terrible rain, windstorm Thursday night very cold afterwards but to-day in bed till house warms up.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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