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[Note at top]: Bob's chickens are proving their worth with a dozen and more eggs a day. We are living in luxury on them, some of his surplus Roosters and the meat that runs in the woods.

Box 12-063 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Florence M. LaRose
Jan 19 1915
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: 'Staney Brae' Muskoka, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

We were so glad to get your card of greeting and to know that you are settled in what sounds like a very nice place. I have been waiting ever since to find a spare minute to write you a note of congratulation and likewise news--important news, very.

Did you know that there are three LaRose friends of yours up here now! The third one arrived in July and is now a great big boy of six months. The enclosed snap shot will give you some idea of his appearance, but I could not begin to describe to you the charm of his conversation and companionship. It has been the most absorbing and fascinating business of my life to watch him develop from a little scrap of breathing, eating and sleeping humanity into an active, playful, mischievous, very intelligent boy.

I suppose you have heard all this sort of thing very often and have the same skepticism I observe in other people towards the idea that this baby is a bit brighter and sweeter and prettier than most babies.

We are having a delightful winter up here, just the right amount of snow and cold weather. The lowest the thermometer has registered was thirty below on Christmas Day and ever since we have had fine mild weather, good sleighing, snowshoeing and skating.

Louis and his family have been in the old house since November. It has been very nice to have them and we have not been at all lonely. Out Christmas tree was especially enjoyable because of the children and they had the finest tree they ever had. For their Daddy selected it from a whole swamp full.

Georgia is here now too so the family is complete. She has been in New Liskeard with the wife of a Canadian officer but found it too strenuous with three young hopefuls to contend with.

The place has been quite lively with amateur theatricals etc. Bob and Alister had part in a funny little play that was a great success. With best wishes for this new year from us all.


Florence M. LaRose

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