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The Japanese Canadian Citizens League
League Office
362 Alexander St.
Vancouver, B.C
Phone: Trinity 3633

Box 03-312 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Edward T. Ouchi
Jan 1 1939 [approximate date]
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten

Dear Sir,

Time and time again, various aspects of the Japanese question in British Columbia have been discussed in the Legislative Assembly of B.C., and in the Federal House of Commons. In the majority of cases, the opinions have exerted considerable influence upon public sentiment.

With no suggestion of casting any reflection upon the members of the Government, we sincerely believe that this situation is largely the result of a lack of unbiased factual material and knowledge of the problems related to the Canadian-born Japanese.

Today we are facing increasing difficulties in the peaceful pursuit of our means of livelihood, and in our attempts to progress towards complete Canadianization. In the fishing industry, for instance, Canadian-born Japanese are being forced to look for other means of livelihood, because of the recent cancellation of assistants' licences. During the past year some thirty odd Japanese have been dismissed from service in hotels throughout B.C. and in Vancouver, certain Councillors have attempted to impose restrictions upon the number of trade licences issued to Japanese.

For years we have striven to bring to your attention an understanding of the myriad perplexities of this second generation minority group. But owing to the fact that we have had no medium of presenting our case to the members of the Government, all our attempts have failed miserably.

Happily the recent publication of the book, "The Japanese Canadians,"1 offers us the very means that we have lacked so sorely till now.

This work, written by two eminent Canadian sociologists, Dr. Charles H. Young and Dr. Helen R. Y. Reid, and published under the auspices of the Canadian national Committee for Mental Hygiene and the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, presents the findings and the conclusions of two unbiased scholars, after extensive field study and investigation.

The work is supplemented by a second part on "Oriental Standards of Living," by Dr. W.A. Carrothers, former Chairman of the Economic Council of B.C and the present Chairman of the Provincial Public Utilities Commission.

We humbly present this volume to you with the sincere hope that it will offer a more intimate understanding of the problems of Canadian citizens of Japanese ancestry in B.C.

Very sincerely yours,

Edward T. Ouchi(General Secretary)

1 Although there was no actual date on the letter, the facts that (1) the book was published in 1938 and (2) Mr. Ouchi states that this literature was published recently, allow us to give the letter an approximate date.

For a newspaper review of The Japanese Canadians, see Box 05-001.

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